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Joy Of Eating Review | The Joy Of Eating By Petia Raeva

The Joy Of Eating by Petia Raeva might be the weight loss guide you have been looking for. This isn’t some sort of crash diet or intense workout program. If you are looking to lose weight safely with long lasting results while avoiding harmful pills and supplements I suggest keep reading further to see if The Joy Of Eating is right for you.

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The Joy Of Eating | A Quick Guide to Successful Weight Loss

the joy of eating petia raevaPetia Raeva is the author of The Joy Of Eating. This book hits home for the fact Petria personally went through these weight loss struggles. From trying to maintain a career while raising a child. She to fell into the fast food trap all cause of convenience. After failing with many different diet programs she discovered the easiest and best method to succeed at weight loss. Pay attention to who you eat with, makes sense when you think about it for the fact we are so easily influenced.

Petia isn’t only the author of The Joy Of Eating she also owns a very successful health supplement company called New Greenline. A long with a healthy eating restaurant in Bulgaria and owns a branded water company. As you can she committed to healthy living.

How Does The Joy Of Eating Work

The Joy Of Eating is an Ebook teaches you all about food and how it works with the body. I really learned a lot about carbohydrates and proteins. I was unaware that when the two are combined they take longer to digest which then leads to weight gain.

Learn about food separation and how it can increase food absorption. Getting the most out of all your food is important. Choosing foods that help with your digestive system is key to absorbing all of the required nutrients. This easy to understand guide explains how to mix different food groups for optimal digestion and vitamin absorption. The Joy Of Eating isn’t just for weight loss it will also help the body achieve optimal heath by getting all the minerals and vitamins it requires.

In The Joy Of Eating guide it suggests the user to go and get their hormone levels checked. This actually a great idea for the reason if you are about to start on this weight loss journey and your hormones are out act wack you will struggle until they are in check. The hormone leptin and ghrelin are responsible for telling the brain when it’s hungry or full. With low hormone levels you over eat which makes weight loss impossible. Now if you starve the body it works the opposite, the body now stores the food as fat not knowing when it’s next meal will come.

Why Use The Joy Of Eating

 Here’s why  think The Joy Of Eating can work for you. Have you ever wondered why Europeans are generally less obese than North Americans. It all comes down to diet, which gives the old saying “you are what you eat” a tone revelance . The Joy Of Eating introduces you to a healthier way of eating. Before you know it the poor fast food cravings will be reduced.
It seems to me that more North Americans think a new years resolution is going to be their cure. Time to forget about resolutions and create healthy habits. Healthy habits is the only way to succeed with long term weight loss. Crash diets are impossible to follow for the long run and before you know it you’re back to your old ways. Another diet program worth taking a look at is Rebound Free Weight Loss. If you have enough of failing at hard to follow diets I do highly recommend giving The Joy Of Eating a chance to change the way you feel and look.

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Competition BBQ Secrets Review | Making of Backyard BBQ Champions

Who doesn’t love a good Bbq? What I hate is when you spend your hard earned money on a delicious cut of meat and it turns out dry or chewy. Learn the winning tips from the pros with Competition BBq Secrets by Bill Anderson. You can always try looking up free tips and recipes online but are they proven winners? You never really find out till after you turn off the bbq. Instead use all of Bills winning secrets that he has spent years of trial and error getting him to the top. Who knows maybe you might be able to add a slight twist, becoming the next bbq champion thanks to Competition BBQ Secrets.

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Competition BBQ Secrets | Own The Grill

Competition BBQ Secrets could be the last bbq cook book you will ever need. Learn the secret tips and tricks from Bill Anderson. Who is Bill Anderson? Bill comes from the middle of BBQ country Savannah, GA. His well decorated Chatham Artillery BBQ Team has won countless BBQ competitions. Brisket, chicken, pork and ribs they have a winning recipe. Whether you are just looking to impress your friends at your next BBQ or you have the passion to try competitions. The information you will learn from Competition BBQ secrets can take you to the next level.

Nothing is left out of Competition BBQ Secrets. Being an e-book you get your copy right away. You will learn how to make marinades, glazes, and sauces. The key to barbequing is learning how to ensure you are using the correct temperature and time for different kind of meats. The next secret is learning how to select the right woods or charcoals and what different techniques are used in producing the best slow smoked barbecue.

Secret In The Rub

Even though you have a great cut of meat you have to learn about rubs. Without a good rub no matter the meat, it will be bland. Competition BBQ Secrets breaks down how to make a good rub. You can also take it a little further and follow delicious marinades, brines, and even injections that will improve the quality of the recipes. This book will also tell you how to properly use finishing sauces and glazes on your barbecue recipes. Their raspberry vinagrette based “secret” recipe for chicken is worth the price of the book by itself. It’s by far the best chicken I have tasted and has won several awards across the country including 1st place in Barnsville, GA.

Another very informative section in Competition BBQ Secrets is on the different cookers. Learn about the different types and how you can slow barbecue smoke on any grill. From professional offset smoker to your old trusty Weber kettle grill and everything in between. There is also a great section on wood choice and how to get that sought after smoke flavor. There is even a whole chapter on barbecue science – smoke rings and maillard reactions.

BBQ To The Next Level

Whether you are just trying to impress family or friends or even looking to start competitions yourself Competition BBQ Secrets has all the secret tips and tricks to give you that edge. Learn how to prepare for a competition with a handy checklist of what to bring. Once you start adding your own little twist to these winning secrets maybe you could be the next champion.

A complete list of all the BBQ Associations known to exist and the web addresses for each. Each BBQ Association has it’s own contests and you can find their schedules easily. We’ll also show you where you can get a list of all contests in one place.

Final Thoughts Of Competition BBQ Secrets

Over all Competition BBQ Secrets is a well put together E-book. Learning how to cook ribs, butts, chicken, and brisket from a winning champion is a winning match. Each different meat is cooked differently from cooking time to cooking temperature learn what mistakes you have been making. The flavor all comes from a delicious rub learning what you have been missing takes your meats to the next level. You get a complete list of resources for smokers, rubs, sauces, and much much more. It takes a lot of trial and error in figuring out what works so instead of learning the slow way learn form Bill and his team who have gone through it all.

It just takes that one little secret to turn all your BBQ cooking into delicious mouth watering dishes. If you are looking to stop wasting meat and start impressing your company I highly recommend adding Competition BBQ Secrets to your collection.

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competition bbq secrets

Paleo Snacks Book Review | No More Cheating Between Meals

I have to say I’m a big fan of Paleo eating, now the problem isn’t with the meals but what you eat between your meals. This is where most of us fail ……. snack time. There is no avoiding bad choices when you are on the run and not prepared. You may think it’s just a bag of chips but why work so hard at watching your diet and do more damage with these little snacks because you weren’t prepared. If you are looking to keep your diet on track then you should think about adding the Paleo Snack Book to your collection. You can never have too many good cook books, and I personally think the majority of people don’t get the results they are looking for with their diets because snacks are usually over looked. Paleo Snacks Book is just that a  book dedicated to healthy tasty snacks.

Get your healthy snacks here Paleo Snacks Bookpaleo snacks book

Paleo Snacks Book

As I said earlier I feel most people don’t achieve their weight loss results soon enough or fast enough because they end up cheating between meals. To many programs over look snacks. The Paleo Snacks Book is filled with over 145 delicious and healthy snacks you can have through out the day. Paleo Snacks Book is broken into 12 different categories for easier reference.

paleo snHigh Protein Snacks – with these easy to follow recipes you will have protein packed snack like BLT bites, protein crackers and coconut shrimp.

Weight Loss Snacks – learn how to boost your metabolism while never letting the body feel hungry with simple to make delicious snacks.

Pre/Post Workout Snacks -I love this section instead of spending big money on pre and post workout drinks or powders you can make your own. Give your body the energy before your workout then help recover after.

Energy Bars and Bites – Again homemade full throttle energy snacks. Once again easy to follow recipes like Key Lime Bars.

paleo sLow Carb Snacks – Here is a big place where many fail ….. grabbing a bag of chips, just a poor choice in carbs. How do these sound Cauliflower Tater Tots or Mediterranean Cucumber Bites. Eat these tasty low carb snacks and cut down on your carb intake.

These are just a few of the different categories you will find in the Paleo Snacks Book. These are my favorites but you will also find Smoothies and Shakes, Healthy Chips and Salty Snacks, Frozen and Fruit Snacks, and also Detox Waters.

If you ask me having the Paleo Snacks Book in your Paleo collection is a must. Cause even though your are following a Paleo Diet you might not be seeing the results you want and it’s these little snacks in between meals that kill you. By making a batch of Key Lime Bars ( one of my favorites in the entire book ) you will have no reason to stop for any poor choice in snacks. Paleo Snacks Book is a well put together recipe book with very paleo snaeasy to follow recipes, so no excuses. If you’re reading this then you can follow any of the recipes in the Paleo Snacks Book.

With the Paleo Snacks Book you also get 2 great bonus books Healthy Sweets and Treats which will show you how to make homemade Healthy Sweets and Treats. There is no denying it, we all have some kind of sweet tooth, now satisfy that sweet tooth with a healthy tasty choice and you will win and maintain your weight loss goals. The second bonus you get with the Paleo Snacks Book is Detoxifying Drinks. Start turning your plain old water into even more beneficial tasty water. Not only detoxify with these drinks but also learn how to power up your metabolism and boost your energy levels. These are every day drinks with massive benefits to your over all health and well being. Both of these bonus books add even more value to the Paleo Snacks Book.

Overall Opinion On Paleo Snacks Book

It’s the small things that kill us and with the Paleo Snacks Book your small choices are tasty and easy to make. It’s not like you are making one bar at a time. You end up making enough for a week or even more when you start freezing them. The Paleo Snacks Book pairs great with the Paleo Grubs Cookbook if your looking for full meals. Overall I have to say the Paleo Snacks Book will be a great addition to all your cooking needs. Stop getting frustrated and start kicking those bad snacking habits, turning them into healthy tasty snacks with the Paleo Snacks Book.

Paleo Snacks Book | No More Cheating Between Meals

paleo snacks book





Santevia Counter Top Water System | Purify, Mineralize, Alkalize Your Water

I’m sure most of us by now drink filtered water so why not step it up a notch. With the right filter system you will you can take your regular tap water and purify, mineralize, alkalize, and vitalize into a powerful beneficial glass of delicious H20. We have been using a Santevia Counter Top Water System and I have to say what a great choice. There is also a pitcher type filtration system that Santevia has, we went for the Santevia Counter Top model for the fact there is 4 in our family and the pitcher would always be running low. I also think the counter top system is kinda neat looking with the mineral stones in the bottom and the two other filters as well. A great conversation starter everyone seems to ask about our Santevia Counter Top Water System.

Santevia Counter Top Water System

santevia counter top water systemAt first I was a little hesitant when the wife first came home with the Santevia Counter Top Water System until I started looking into and drinking this naturally charged water. First off why should you drink alkalized water?

There are many benefits to drinking alkalized water. Drinking alkalized water daily helps to maintain a health PH balance in the body. This also helps to neutralize damaging acids in the body.

Alkaline water is used for:

  • Healthy Part of Weight Loss
  • Natural Detoxification
  • Powerful Hydration

Powerful Hydration

Ionized alkaline water hydrates better than plain water and helps supply the body with essential minerals.

Drinking alkaline water daily may help:

  • Proper hydration (may prevent heart attacks and strokes)
  • Cells hydrate quickly
  • Improve athletic hydration and recovery

These are just a few of the reasons to start drinking alkalized water, now throw in the extra minerals you will be getting for the Santevia Filtration System you have a powerful grass of water. Here is what you will get in your Santevia Counter Top Water System.

santevia counter top water systemThe Santevia Counter Top Water System is an 8 Stage water filtration system, here’s the break down

Stage 1: Ceramic Pre-Filter

with a pore size of 0.3 of a micron this is the first filter your tap water hits. This filter removes rust and sediments while inhibiting bacteria, germs, and parasites.

Stage 2: Granular Activated Coconut Carbon

 This filters chlorine, herbicides, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, industrial chemicals, trihalomethanes (THMs), heavy metals, organic chemicals, odour, taste, colour and particulates. This stage also contains a KDF filter which inhibits the growth of bacteria in the filter and neutralizes heavy metals. With magnesium granules to improve the Oxidation Reduction Potential. This highly porous coconut carbon charcoal gives an astounding 65 acres of purifying surface area.

Stage 3: Volcanic Mineral Zeolite

This stage inhibits bacteria and neutralizes heavy metals including nickle, lead, cadmium and mercury through an ion exchange process. This stage also filters detergents, certain radioactive ions, agricultural chemicals and other toxins.

Stage 4: Mineral Stone Infusion

Highly porous Maifan mineral stones infuse ionized minerals into the water that aid in oxygenation and alkalization.

Stage 5: pH Mineral Balls

Mineral ions encased in diatomaceous earth that add calcium, magnesium and other trace minerals to fortify the water and increase the pH.

santevia ph

Stage 6: Energy Balls

Constructed from highly compressed and fired earth and mineral oxides, the energy balls assist with pH balancing and emit beneficial infrared energy into the water.

Stage 7: Mineral Stone Immersion

During this stage, mineral stones continuously release easily absorbed, ionized minerals into the water, including calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, zinc and other trace minerals.

Stage 8: Magnetic Energy

Found in the Santevia water spout, aligned magnets are suspended in the water, simulating the magnetism emitted by the earth’s core and the forces created as water flows over magnetic, mineral-rich rocks in nature. The magnetic energy breaks the water molecule clusters into smaller structures for greater bio-availability and maximum absorption.

As you can see your regular tap water goes through quite the process before it it poured in to your glass. I really like that the filter have a good life span from 6 months to 1 year depending on which filter. Each different filter can be purchased separately and vary in price. Here is each different filter.

santevia stonessantevia presantevia 5

Another great reason for the Santevia Counter Top Water System is the capacity. The upper tank holds 5 liters which then filters down to the 10 liter lower tank. With our family of 4 we might fill the upper tank once to maybe twice a day and we never run out of great tasting enriched water.

I have to say the Santevia Counter Top Water System is a must have. If you are looking to get the most out of our water while knowing it is free of all toxins. There are too many reasons to start recharging and purifying your tap water. Another great reason for this system is that Santevia helps to  two orphanages in Thailand, a school in the slums of Bangladesh, water projects in Africa and Haiti, an orphanage farming project in Indonesia, and numerous healthy living projects in North America. Get you Santevia Counter Top Water System today.

Santevia Counter Top Water System

santevia counter top water system




Young Body Reboot Review | Drew Allen’s Young Body Reboot

Today we are all looking for a better way to lose weight, so will Drew Allen’s Young Body Reboot be the system for you. I hope my review on Young Body Reboot will help you to make the decision if this system is right and will work for you. The overall goal is for optimal health and we all know it starts with a healthy body weight.

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Young Body Reboot | Overview

First off Young Body Reboot is a very easy to follow step by step program designed to reset your metabolism. There are many of us who do live healthy but still our metabolisms are out of wack. This can be the direct cause as to why what ever you are doing right now isn’t working. What I like about the Young Body Reboot system is that you don’t have to follow a crazy strict diet or bust your butt in the gym. Basically you let the food do the work which rejuvenates the body from the inside out.

th (55)As most must know by now weight loss is 80% food intake you can lose weight without stepping into a gym or on a treadmill. But of course adding some type of exercise will speed up the fat burning while toning certain areas.  The key is not getting sucked into some crazy starvation diet, cause you will always end up failing in the end. With the Young Body Reboot system you will learn the tricks to balance out the hormones that control your weight while resetting your metabolism. To do this you must eat the right amount of food at the correct times. And this is where even the healthy one’s most likely fail too.

young body rebootIn the Young Body Reboot ebook system you will find out about;

  • How to help boost your metabolism with food, herbs, minerals, vitamins and supplements.
  •  A list of so called healthy foods which actually cause weight gain and aging.
  • A list of so called bad foods you have been told to avoid which are actually good for the body.
  • A guide on how to still love your favorite foods and still lose weight.
  • The step by step guide for what and how to eat for a week.
  • Great tips to look and feel younger.
  • Easy to follow tasty recipes that will slow down aging and help you to lose weight.
  • Learn to track your progress keeping you motivated and losing fat.
  • And of course a great but easy to follow home exercise system to burn belly fat which doesn’t require any cardio or gym equipment.

Following the Young Body Reboot tips and techniques not only will you be burn away the unwanted fat but you are also cleansing the body of stored toxins. These toxins lead to premature aging a long with loss of energy even lack of sexual drive. Avoid all these symptoms by giving Young Body Reboot a try feel full of energy, look and feel years younger and best of all get that sexual desire and drive back.

Do You Try Young Body Reboot

Going through the Young Body Reboot system was like a breath of fresh air. This system has so much to offer for the overall well being of your body. Yes of course most of us want or need to lose weight but following the Young Body Reboot system gives you that a whole bunch more. From feeling and looking younger to boosting the sex drive. Just knowing your body is functioning properly, which you will know once you start seeing and feeling the results has to be one of the main reasons to give Young Body Reboot a try. These are long lasting results which will effect you for years to come. I highly recommend giving the Young Body Reboot system a try this is the 100% safe and natural way to lose weight and reset your metabolism. Another metabolism boosting system worth checking out is The Achievable Body this too is a great system. I hope my review on the Young Body Reboot system was helpful and that you will feel the difference.

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young body reboot



The Achievable Body Review | Weight Loss Loopholes

Tired of counting calories or feeling hungry all day long? Worst of all, not seeing any real changes. Finding the right weight loss program that works and keeps the weight away is hard for most. In this review of The Achievable Body I will break down what is in the program, how it differs from others which will hopefully help you to make an informed decision if Achievable Body will work for you. We all live very different lifestyles and the system that works best for me might not fit your daily routine. Male or female the Achievable Body guide claims to work for either, so this might be the program that finally works for you.

Check the Official Achievable Body Guide Here

The Achievable Body Guide | Different Take On Weight Loss

The Achievable Body guide is a unique and kind of controversial system going against other diet plans. But it is backed by scientific research. It shows how chronic dieting can actually slow down your metabolism, even age you achievablefaster. With the Achievable Body guide you are able to eat the proteins, carbs, and fats you enjoy. Unlike most crash diets which usually cut out one of these which actually harms your metabolism. And this is what makes the Achievable Body guide controversial.

The Achievable Body guide is the main program which breaks everything down step by step. In this day by day guide you will learn about the loophole to boosting the bodies metabolism and increasing energy levels. A long with a detailed food list to help improve and repair the digestive system. The Achievable Body guide is enhanced with 4 added modules, the 4 Day Flat Belly Detox Solution, the Motivation and Rapid Success Formula, the Hot Zone Formula, and the 21 Unusual Secrets to Speed Up Your Metabolism.

Achievable Body 4 Day Flat Belly Detox Solution – All the stored toxins in the body can cause the body to gain weight or give you that bloated feeling. Learn what to eat to rid the body of all the toxins a healthy digestive system helps to process food easier and faster.

achievable hot zoneAchievable Body Hot Zone Formula – This step by step guide will show you how to burn more calories by activating your bodies 4 hot zones. By burning calories all day and all night this guide is probably what most people will want to follow.

achievable motivationAchievable Body Motivation and Success Formula – With this guide you figure out your weight loss goals and maintain the healthy lifestyle keeping your weight where you want it. This is a great guide cause you are able to tailor the program to suite your goals. Staying healthy and fit is the overall long term goal.

achievable 21Achievable Body 21 Unusual Secrets To Speed Up Your Metabolism –  These 21 secrets will help you get even better results than with just the Achievable Body Guide. You can use these secrets with any other program you may want to try later on. Being able to have these 21 metabolism boosting in you back pocket will help you for years to come.


I like the fact that with the Achievable Body Guide a long with the complementing modules you don’t have to worry about counting calories or spend endless hours exercising. The weight loss isn’t going to happen over night but you will be surprised how quick you might start seeing results.

Overall View On The Achievable Body Guide

This Achievable Body Guide can work for everyone. I like how is guide goes against other weight loss systems. No calorie counting or grueling workouts has to have most people willing to give this a try. And if your thinking about it, it’s cause what ever you are trying now it’s giving you results. With the Achievable Body Guide even following the 4 Day Detox is easier than most, for the fact you can eat the right foods and still detox. Most other detoxes you will have to follow a strict liquid diet which is hard for most to complete. Another program worth checking out is the Half Day Diet, it to is easy to follow giving results. Other than that I highly recommend the Achievable Body Guide for everyone to try specially if you’re tired on not seeing results.

The Achievable Body Guide | Different Take On Weight Loss

achievable body guide

achievable body





Vitamix Pro Series 750 Review | Perfection In Blending Vitamix Pro Series 750

I have to admit I was a little hesitant in spending this much on an blender but Wow. As they always say you get what you pay for and the Vitamix Pro Series 750 no slouch. I have to say our family loves our healthy smoothies, we have always been using the Nutribullet Pro 900 without any issues. Finally decided to try a vitamix after hearing so much about them. We ended up getting the Vitamix Pro Series 750 there is a slightly cheaper model the Vitamix 5300 but hey these are meant to last so might as well get the top of the line.

I have found we still use the Nutribullet, cause this is still a great product, but now we mainly just use it for some of our favorite dressings and smaller portion mixes. With that said time to get into my personal take of the Vitamix Pro Series 750, hopefully helping you to make the right decision in purchasing one.

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Vitamix Pro Series 750 | Nutrition Blended

vitamix pro series 750For a great piece of mind the Vitamix Pro Series 750 comes with a full 5 to 7 year warranty. This covers performance, parts and even shipping to and from. Vitamix is able to offer such a great warranty because their blenders are bullet proof.

Like I said I opted to spend a few extra bucks and purchase the Vitamix Pro Series 750. There is another model up the Pro G – Series 780 and the only real different is the touch screen controls. I was more in favor of the actual button controls. There is one slightly cheaper the Vitamix 7500 and this one doesn’t have the 5 pre-programmed settings. This is the break down I used the determine which model was best for me and I chose the Vitamix Pro Series 750.

The new updated Vitamix Pro Series 750 comes with a shorter low profile 64 oz or 2 liter container. This container is specially designed  for their controlled vortex action, which folds the ingredients back into the blades for incredibly smooth mixes.

Vitamix Pro Series 750 Specs

  • vita64 oz/ 2 liter low profile container
  • Variable speed control
  • Pulse control
  • 5 pre-programmed settings
  • Stainless steel wide radius blades
  • 2.2 peak horsepower motor
  • PVC plastic BPA free with a stainless steel housing.
  • Two piece santoprene rubber lid with removable plug for adding ingredients while running.

On of the reasons I think I avoided getting a Vitamix Pro Series 750 was clean up. I was under the impression I had to undo things and clean it. Boy was I wrong the is even easier that the Nutribullet. Just add the warm water a drop of soap turn it on high for 60 seconds or less …. done. Rinse and ready for the next creation.

Overall View On The Vitamix Pro Series 750

First off I must say the Vitamix Pro Series 750 looks sexy sitting on the counter top. If you have the space you’ll leave it out and you will use it even more. Some say it’s a little noisy but that’s called power and for the fact it’s not all muffled by housing keeping the motor cold which equals a long life. There used to be problems with little black specs in your mixes but that is all gone now. I am fully pleased with my new Vitamix Pro Series 750 purchase which I actually purchased through Amazon, with free shipping and right to the door. Also been shopping around and can’t beat their prices. Last I do have to say you might think the Vitamix price tag is a little high, now consider getting a cheap one which won’t blend nearly as smoothly and will crap out way too soon. Once you have had cheaper ones crap out you’ll be kicking yourself for not getting the Vitamix Pro Series 750 right off the bat. Start a new healthier you and get blending today with the Vitamix Pro Series 750 hope this review helped you make your decision.

Vitamix Pro Series 750 | Perfection In Blending

vitamix pro series 750


Nutribullet Pro 900 And Nutribullet RX Review | Nutrition Extraction

So you are looking to turn a new green leaf, starting to become conscious about your health. The smoothies and power packed drinks you can make with a Nutribullet Pro 900 or the Nutribullet RX can drastically change your over all health. Some might not like eating kale ( the power powerful leafy green ) but when added to a smoothie in the Nutribullet you won’t even know it’s in there. There are so many other super foods to add to these drinks giving the body all the nutrients it’s been missing. What will you choose the Nutribullet Pro 900 or the Nutribullet RX

Nutribullet Pro 900

The Nutribullet Pro 900 is the model I have sitting on my counter which is used at least 3 to 4 times a day. First and most importantly this is not a blender. The Nutribullet is a nutrition extractor, this unique mechanism breaks down the cell walls releasing all the important vitamins and minerals. From fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, or any other ingredient you may choose to add. Unlike juicing nothing is wasted everything put into the cup is used.

Specs For The Nutribullet Pro 900

  • nutribullet pro 900Motor – 900 Watts
  • Capacity – 24 oz and 32 oz cup with a flip top to go lid
  • Color – Sleek Copper
  • Recipe Book – 130 pages of delicious recipes and ideas
  • Serving of Fruits and Vegetables – 7 per cup size

What I find that makes the Nutribullet Pro 900 a keeper that can change your health, is the simple hassle free clean up. Clean up means a lot more than you think cause when things become too much of a hassle you will end up putting it in the back of the cupboard.

For what the Nutribullet Pro 900 costs this is an excellent choice if you are just starting or are looking for another quick counter top smoothie maker. The goal is to improve your over all health and the Nutribullet Pro 900 will keep you on track.

Nutribullet RX | Fresh Warm Healthy Soups

Here is the newest model available  the Nutribullet RX. This is the most powerful in the Nutribullet line up a long with the new heat feature. The new heat feature allows you to make healthy hot soups and sauces quick and easy. No more canned soups filled with mystery ingredients.

Specs For The Nutribullet RX

  • nutribullet rxMotor – 1700 Watts (most powerful of all the nutribullets)
  • Capacity – 30 oz and 45 oz cups for those family sized hot soups.
  • Color – Elegant Black
  • Recipe Book – 150 pages of delicious soups and smoothies
  • Servings of Fruits and Vegetables – 12 per cup size

Even with the new heat feature the Nutribullet Rx is small and takes up no counter space. It can be a little noisy but if you want to muffle that sound you would have to put a larger housing around it. I have to say get over the noise cause it’s not like you run it for 5 minutes, it’s just a quick blast and ready to serve and hot soups in your Nutribullet Rx

I noticed a few complaints about the rubber seal getting caught around the blades. The Nutribullet Rx has a tool that needs to be used, when you read further on some of these complaints the users that switch to using the tool get rid of the problem. So my advice would be use the tools you are given they make it for a reason. The only other problem I have seen with the Nutribullet Rx is people say when making cold smoothies they still come out kinda warm.

Over All View On The Nutribullet Pro 900 And The Nutribullet Rx

I have to say the Nutribullet Pro 900 and the Nutribullet Rx are two great options when you are trying to improve your overall health. The price you pay for either of these is a third of the price you would pay for a Vitamix, I’m not knocking the Vitamix cause when you make a smoothie with it you will never find any little bits.

I really like the size of both the Nutribullet Pro 900 and the Nutribullet Rx they take up little counter space and by having one out on the counter all the time you will tend to use it a lot more. The other major plus is the little prep and minimal clean up required. No matter which one you might choose the Nutribullet Pro 900 or the Nutribullet Rx will help you ti fuel the body with the many missed minerals and vitamins I highly recommend to start extracting today. But if your looking for something with even more power check out the Vitamix Pro Series 750. Click on any of the pictures or links and get your Nurtibullet Pro 900 or Nutribullet Rx through Amazon buying with confidence, shipped to your door.





Red Smoothie Detox Factor Review | Cleanse The Body

Smoothies what makes them so good for you. I’m not talking about your Startbucks coffee smoothie or the one’s you’ll get out of a machine at the corner store. I’m talking about Red Smoothies or Green Smoothies. One’s made from leafy greens, fruit, vegetables, with some added super foods. Basically a power packed meal in an cup.

red3Here I am going to give you my review on the Red Smoothie Detox Factor and see how it will help you improve your overall health a long with weight loss. Before we go any further I have to say to make your smoothie journey even easier I highly recommend looking at the Nutribullet or a Vitamix. Nothing is easier and when things are easy you will stick to the program getting great results. Let’s see what the Red Smoothie Detox Factor is all about.

>> Red Smoothie Detox Factor | Cleanse The Body <<

What Is Red Smoothie Detox Factor

The Red Smoothie Detox Factor focuses on just that red smoothies. These are red in color due to the ingredients being used. These ingredients, red, blue, and some purple fruits are high in antioxidants which is key in releasing toxins in the body aiding in fat loss. This is a 14 day program but of course continue with the delicious red smoothies this keep the body toxin free. In these smoothies there are 4 major ingredients which are;

  1. Cocoa – this is a health enhancing phytontrient much like polyphenols that are similar to the antioxidants found in red wine. One of today’s medical miracle foods. Great for improving a healthy heart.
  2. Chia – another amazing super food. Contains Omega-3 fatty acids, proteins and calcium. Adding chia seeds to your smoothies creates creamy texture.
  3. Meca – this know cancer fighting plant balances the endocrine system reducing stress. Also used instead of caffeine for a natural energizer with minimal side effects. Adding a delicious nutty flavor.
  4. Vanilla – adding great flavor without spiking your insulin. No spike in insulin no fat storing. Vanilla also makes you alert with a calm feeling.

red2These are the 4 key ingredients to the Red Smoothie Detox Factor. A little bit goes a long way. Not having the caffeine crash and all the great health benefits you get from adding these super foods is a must.

Following the Red Smoothie Detox Factor is only a 2 week program. Sticking with these red smoothies is to cleanse the body of all the stored toxins, heavy metals and free radicals. Another great benefit is boosting your immune system, reducing the the chances of common colds and flues. A long with reducing the chances serious conditions such as cancer, diabetes and heart diseases. And of course drinking these delicious red smoothies are going to crank up your natural fat burning helping you to lose weight getting back to your bodies natural weight.

redAfter the 14 days When you purchase the Red Smoothie Detox Factor you will also get 3 great bonus books:

  • The Wholebody Healthy Shopping Guide
  • The Ultimate Super Food Guide For Super Health
  • 100 Great Tasting Green Smoothie Fat Loss Recipes


Stick to the Red Smoothie Detox Factor to reset the body. After you complete the program start mixing up with the green smoothies. This is what I like about the bonuses they pair so well with this program. With the fresh start you won’t have all the bad cravings or at least are easier to over come.

Pros to the Red Smoothie Detox Factor

  • Red Smoothie Detox Factor very user friendly guide, easy to understand and to follow.
  • Activates your bodies metabolism and digestive system.
  • The Red Smoothie Detox Factor will help you overcome cravings keeping your sugars in balance.
  • There is no artificial sweeteners..
  • It contains right amount of natural sugar, so it tastes great and make you feel greater.

Cons to the Red Smoothies Detox Factor

  • red3Only available in the ebook download form
  • Need to have a blender or my choice a Nutribullet

Over All View On The Red Smoothie Detox Factor

The Red Smoothie Detox Factor is an excellent edition to your healthy living weight loss journey. I really like how it is only 14 days to reset and cleanse the body. Being able to refer back to this system at any time keeping the body toxin free has to be one of the most beneficial aspects. This system is not a chore to follow for the fact that the red smoothies are delicious and very easy to make. Like I have already mentioned I found using the Nutribullet is great, it’s quick and easy with little clean up, but even better choice is the Vitamix, it cleans just as easy with a bigger container.

Once finished the 14 day Red Smoothie Detox Factor it doesn’t end there thanks to the great bonuses. Moving on alternating with Green Smoothies and the Super Food Guide will keep the body in peak form. The goal is to reach optimal health having the body in top shape. Life is so much better being full of energy feeling alert. I highly recommend the Red Smoothie Detox Factor to change the way your body feels. Click Here to check out the official Red Smoothie Detox Factor site.

>> Red Smoothie Detox Factor | Cleanse The Body <<

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Paleo Grubs Review | The Healthy Cookbook

What Is The Paleo Diet | Is It Healthy?

Basically when your eating a Paleo Diet what you can eat is nuts, fruit, vegetables, meat, eggs and fish. Don’t fool yourself by eating processed meats avoid all things processed, also try avoiding the the high in starch vegetables. When you look at what you are able to eat, it’s all foods that are either hunted or gathered and this is the main reason its called the caveman diet.

paleo grubs1But why choose to eat a Paleo Diet. There are mixed research reviews on this subject, but a lot of the information states that our bodies have not evolved fast enough to process today’s high calorie processed foods. Which in turn leads to obesity, heart disease, and even diabetes. With many different recipe books to choose from I strongly feel the more you have in your collection, the better variety of meals you have to choose from. Now take a look and see if Paleo Grubs cookbook should be added to your collection.

Paleo Grubs | Healthy Energetic Eating

Paleo Grubs Cookbook | Eating Healthy

Inside the Paleo Grubs cookbook you will find 470 easy to prepare delicious recipes. The one thing I noticed and really like about this cookbook is that the paleo grubs2author isn’t hammering you, “is for weight loss“. He knows by now if you’re looking into eating, living a paleo lifestyle you already know the weight loss will follow. Eating a paleo diet is about feeding the body natural ingredients that nourish the body filling you with energy. Simply fueling the body with fuel it was designed to burn.

Paleo Grubs is loaded with 470 delicious recipes that are then split into 17 different categories. With recipes for beginners a long with those for the experienced paleo cooks. The recipes range from 30 minute meals to those take a lot more time, but with time comes some amazing flavors. Paleo Grubs has you covered for main meals, lunches, breakfast, snacks, and even tasty treats.

paleo grIncluded when you buy Paleo Grubs cookbook are:

  • The Paleo Grubs Cookbook
  • Slow Cooker Meals Book
  • The Paleo Desserts Book
  • The 10 Week Meal Plan

The 10 Week Meal Plan has to be one of the best features with the Paleo Grubs book. This is awesome for all you paleo newbies. Over 2 months of meals laid out for anyone to succeed in living the paleo lifestyle. Making the change even easier is the weekly shopping list that goes a long with the 10 week meal plan.

Over All View On Paleo Grubs

Now if you have been contemplating starting a paleo diet I would have to say Paleo Grubs is one of the best starting points for all newbies. The 10 week meal plan makes it possible for everyone to succeed. If you already live and eat a paleo lifestyle this is an excellent addition to your collection. Some great tasting recipes to choose from there is no reason to get bored. Another great paleo cookbook worth checking out is 1000 Paleo Recipes. Or check out my review on 1000 Paleo Recipes here. If you are ready to start feeling energized, mentally sharp start eating natural ingredients the truly nourish the body. Start you paleo journey today with Paleo Grubs.

Paleo Grubs | Healthy Energetic Eating

paleo grubs 3