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Mi40 Foundation by Ben Pakulski, the Review | Build Lean Muscle Mass

Will Ben Pakulski’s Mi40 program help you build more muscle mass? What if you would get a complete nutrients & workout video with unique exercise videos and all from a guy who not only has the most effective honors degree in kinesiology, however also finished 11th in the 2012 Mr. Olympia competition? Undoubtedly, the guy is genuinely one of the top and elite bodybuilders in the world.

So, here he is-Mr. Benjamin Pakulski and according to him, his program is the perfect way to stimulate muscle growth, and he claims that this training begins with himself only. Benjamin Pakulski, in reality is one of the world’s elite bodybuilders – and actually, trains himself in a laboratory wherein he is mounted to all forms of equipment. So, it would completely safe to rely on him for, in case you are looking to groom your muscles.

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Let’s first understand what Ben Pakulski MI40 is?

The term MI40, stand for Mass Intentions 40. The word “mass intentions” refers to the technique of intentional muscle control while lifting to construct muscle mass. The number 40 is associated with a few other variables like:

  • The number of days in the exercise cycle is 40.
  • Each exercise lasts 40 mins.
  • The number of workout in the program is likewise 40.

What exactly do you get in the kit when you buy Ben Pakulski’s MI40?

You will be delivered these following items as you place an order for Ben Pakulski’s MI40

  • Education : The 40-day mass intelligence training guide
  • Nourishment : The 40-day mass intake nutrition guide
  • Work out videos: The 40-day mass coaching workout movies
  • Exercise guide : The 40-day mass proportions exercise execution guide
  • The 40-day MASS Prescription Printable exercising sheets
  • The 40-day MASS Pursuit Calendar
  • The 40- day MASS supplement stack protocol
  • Size secrets and techniques of audio interrogation.

Let us figure out the benefits of Ben Pakulski’s MI40.


  • The nutritional information is quite solid for anybody who is looking to construct lean muscle groups.
  • Written by Ben Pakulski, who happens to be an elite bodybuilder who also has a degree in kinesiology.
  • Like several other online merchandise sold through Clickbank, MI40 has a no-questions asked 60-day money returned assurance.
  • The amount of specific and actionable information that you receive with this exercise program is extremely amazing.
  • Training videos are very clear and easy to follow and in case you don’t have time to observe, videos there are pictures that you can follow.
  • There’s an audio file in which Ben reveals his “secrets” that helped him build muscle ( clearly not revealing out the PEDs though)

Now the cons:

  • The 7 day Detox manual is useless, you don’t need any gimmicks to detoxify your body; you have a liver, gall bladder, and kidneys for that.
  • In spite of the fact that most of the program being based totally on scientifically sound concepts, elements of the nutrients manual are being quite Broscientific.
  • The statement “twice the muscle in half the time” seems deceptive and is hard to believe.
  • The 7-hours of video content, in conjunction with loads of pages of written content about the exercise routine, appear to be too much.
  • Like several digitally sold products, you will be pitched multiple accessories after your purchase, this will be bit intrusive.

The Ben Pakulski’s MI40 program is quite strong, and undoubtedly the best bodybuilding program available on the internet. Nevertheless, there are few things that are not supported by means of sound scientific facts, which includes the meal timing and few things about Carbohydrates & Insulin…


So, does it really works? Yes, definitely. It works for both intermediate to advanced lifters.  The MI40 is designed to get maximum muscle gain in shortest possible time frame with the use of high intensity strategies like NOS and desire to be committed. Most significantly the desire to break through the “cozy zone” of the routine plain set of workouts.

Hence, Ben Pakulski’s MI40 is more appropriate for someone who has some experience in body building or weight lifting rather for somebody who is completely a beginner. But, it delivers amazing result for those who use it with above normal muscle gains and fat losses.

Build Muscle Here with Ben Pakulski’s Mi40

ben pakulski mi40


Lean Ape Living Review | Lose Weight, Build Muscle Look Good Naked

Will Lean Ape Living get you to your weight loss goals? The ultimate goal …. Look Good Naked. Sounds kinda superficial but deep down who doesn’t love looking in the mirror and loving what they see. The trick to weight loss is keeping the weight off for good. Having the right program that works for you will have you succeed and reach your goals. The best way to lose weight is to lose the weight once, so yes slight lifestyle changes are involved. Lets see what you receive with Lean Ape Living and if this program is going to be right fit for you.

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Lean Ape Living | Lose Weight, Build Muscle

In Lean Ape Living your get two e-books guides. E-book one the Full Guide To Nutrition. Here you specifically learn how to maximize fat loss and still enjoy food. E-book two A Complete Guide To Exercise. Learn that there is no reason to spend hours in the gym doing cardio to burn fat, build muscle and get that athletic look. I will go over both these guides in more detail a little further in this review.

lean-ape-lBy the name Lean Ape Living you might get the idea that this program is close to most paleo or low carb diets. There is more to Lean Ape Living then just paleo eating and low carbs. The timing of your meals, such as when to eat high carb meals to build muscle. Or how to over eat and still lose weight. You have a cheat day, which is key, there is also a section on intermittent fasting. Explaining how breakfast isn’t the most important meal of the day. But then they do go into what to eat for breakfast to turn your body into a fat burning machine. In my eyes breakfast is always going to be the most important meal of the day getting your metabolism fired up after a good 6-8 hour of being shut off.

Full Guide To Nutrition

First off Lean Ape Living isn’t a quick fix or some kind of fad diet. You are going to have to commit to some lifestyle changes to achieve your goals. Following and sticking to this nutrition plan is designed to have you feeling and looking your best. A big key to this plan is not to drink your calories. That goes for excess amount of beer too! Here is an idea of what foods to avoid:

  • Added sugarlean-ap
  • Added fructose
  • Snacks
  • Grains – rice, wheat, corn
  • Potatoes

Looks a little intimidating but remember once you start cutting back on the sugar it doesn’t take long before your sugar cravings are reduced. Learn about carb cycling, the how and why it burns fat fast while still allowing you to build muscle.

As you must know by now diet and nutrition are key to weight loss. What I like is how Lean Ape Living introduces meal timing. It’s not just when to eat, it’s also about what kind of meals to eat. When to eat the low carb meals, or the high carb meals to build muscle. We all have abs you just need to learn how to effectively burn away that layer of fat hiding them.

Learn why the cheat day is very important to weight loss, which also makes it a lot easier for people to stick with. The cheat day is also the day you would do your heaviest workout. The intermittent fasting is more or less something to can add to step it up a notch. If you ask me most people make poor breakfast choices, that’s why it’s probably better to go without which is the idea of the intermittent fasting.

A Complete Guide To Exercise

lean-apeThe goal is to lose weight correct? Now if you just lose weight and don’t have any muscle that’s not very appealing to most. Remember Lean Ape Living wants you to look good naked. If you ask me muscle is sexy, it gives shape and definition. This program isn’t designed to get you big and bulky it was created to give you the fit athletic look. Which works well for both men and women.

lean-ape-livThe nice part about the Lean Ape Exercise guide is you don’t have to spend hours in the gym. The short workouts can be done from home with minimal equipment, even just body weight routines. They say you can maximize muscle potential with only 60 minutes of exercise per week. Learn the hidden exercises the rest of the fitness world doesn’t want you to know.

I am a strong believer that cardio isn’t going to get you to the body you desire. Cardio is also the hardest way to achieve weight loss. I like how Lean Ape Living talks about this showing why to do the resistance training instead. Think of it this way muscle burns more fat so build more muscle and you will burn fat easier.

Once you start getting into shape you will probably notice you want to exercise more. I have found thanks to tech today’s smart watches can take your training to a whole new level. Filled with a tone of tracking information pushing you to that next level. Check out the Garmine Vivoactive HR Smart Watch

Final Thoughts

Overall there is a lot of useful information in the Lean Ape Living program. To me learning when and what kinds of meals to eat is the most useful. Diet and nutrition is always going to be the breaking point for most people when trying to lose weight. By learning what to eat after a workout to build muscle or what to eat to help burn fat is going to help a lot of people. The workouts are short but effective in the Lean Ape Living program. If you ask me it wouldn’t take too long before you start adding more to your exercises. This is an excellent place to start for those who are struggling to lose weight. For the price and what you get I do think Lean Ape Living is worth giving a go. It’s what ever works best for you in your daily routine which is going to make you succeed. And hey when there goal is to help you look better naked who’s going to turn that down.

If you found my review on Lean Ape Living helpful I would appreciate you purchasing it though one of my links. Which helps me continue doing reviews helping people find the right program for them.

Lean Ape Living | Look Good Naked click here


lean ape living


Garmin Vivoactive HR GPS Smart Watch Review | Step Aside FitBit

Can technology push your fitness to the next level? Of course it can but you need to know what you want to track, and the Garmin Vivoactive HR Smart Watch is full of features. Whether you are an iphone or android user the Garmin Vivoactive will give you the ability to reach goals, from tracking steps, swimming, riding and much more, we will get into that a little more later. Please keep reading further to see if the Garmin Vivoactive HR Smart Watch is the right fit for you taking training to the next level.

Start tracking your fitness with a Garmin Vivoactive HR Smart Watch

Garmin Vivoactive HR Smart Watch

In my opinion the Garmin Vivoactive HR smart watch is one of the top smart watches out there. With the 24/7 build in heart rate monitoring this smart watch has an eye on you all day long. With Garmin’s Elevate wrist heart technology there is no need to wear a chest strap. Here is a list of the activities you can track with the Garmin Vivoactive HR :

garmin-vivoa  Run (GPS/Outdoor)
– Bike (GPS/Outdoor)
– Pool swim
– Golf
– Walk (GPS/Outdoor)
– Row (GPS/Outdoor)
– SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard)
– Ski/Snowboard
– XC Ski
– Run Indoor
– Bike Indoor
– Walk Indoor
– Row Indoor

If you are still looking for something else just connect to the Connect IQ app store where you will find everything you need. Best part all the apps are free. Looking for a strength or cardio app you will find it. Pretty much if it’s a sport there is an app that has you covered. You can also download different watch face designs and widgets.

You can have the Garmin Vivoactive HR counting your steps all day long and floors climbed as well as monitoring your sleep and calculating intensity minutes. If you just have it run in watch mode the battery can last up to 8 days, but when you turn on the GPS activity tracking only up to 13 hours.

Some of the data you will receive using the heart rate with the Garmin Vivoactive HR is the amount of calories burned and the intensity of your activity you where monitoring. This can for sure take you to the next level in training. Another cool feature is the Garmin Vivoactive HR will connect to Garmin Connet through out the day giving you insights on how to beat yesterday. It will let you know if you aren’t going to hit your goal and also going you props when you reach different milestones. The Garmin will also send out health tips keeping you motivated.

The Garmin Vivoactive HR Smart Watch will of course connect to your smart phone whether it’s an iphone or android. You can receive all your social media alerts, phone calls, texts, and any other alerts from mobile apps. Know your weather and temperature all from your wrist. Another little bonus is you can control the music on your phone and even find your phone if you lose it.


Here is a picture of the Elevate wrist heart rate monitoring system that the Garmin watch uses. Much better than having to wear a chest strap and quite accurate.





If you click on any of the pictures or links you can purchase through Amazon and know what you are getting. offering free shipping. Also the link being used offers and additional white strap a long with the original black one. Just so you can mix it up a little.


Over All View Of The Garmin Vivoactive HR Smart Watch

I really like the Garmin Vivoactive HR smart watch, it has so many features and i like how you get your own personal coach on your wrist. This smart watch is able to track everything and is a complete fitness tracker. The real time heart rate graphs are great and the amount of tracking you can receive from almost any sport is unmatched. If you ask me the Garmin Vivoactive HR gives you the most bang for your buck when you are looking for a complete fitness tracking smart watch. The Vivoactive HR took all of the FitBit Surge features but made them better and more efficient. I would highly recommend owing a Garmin Vivoactive HR Smart Watch and take your training to an all new high.



Stage Ready Nutrition And Training Review | Getting In Tip Top Shape

Looking for a complete system to either win your next fitness, bikini, or bodybuilding contest or just get into the best shape of your life. The Stage Ready Nutrition And Training system could be the system you have been needing. My review on the Stage Ready Nutrition And Training system will help you make the decision if it’s right for you and if this is what you’re looking for. Explaining what the system covers and what you will get when you purchase the program Stage Ready Nutrition And Training system.

For More Information Click Here Stage Ready Nutrition And Training

Stage Ready Nutrition And Training

Stage Ready Nutrition And Training is a system developed by  Brian Cannone. With over 20 years experience in the health and fitness industry. From competing in bodybuilding contests to holding over 30 bodybuilding and fitness contests of his own. A certified nutritionist and personal trainer Brian has seen all the winning tips, tricks, and techniques which are now all available in his tell all Stage Ready Nutrition And Training system.

There are 4 keys to getting the body you desire, specific combination of nutrition, cardio training, weight training and supplements. Many think they can figure out the right combination themselves but follow these specific tips, tricks, and techniques in Stage Ready Nutrition and Training and you will save time and rise to the top a lot sooner.

stage ready

Stage Ready Nutrition And Training is a 95 page ebook broken down into 8 chapters. From mental preparation and planning to nutrition and your metabolism. This system is designed to shred that last bit of body fat getting you into the lower single digit body fat percentages. You don’t have to be a competitor to take advantage of this system. You can use this system before a holiday or if you have been working out and not seeing any further results.

The Stage Ready Nutrition And Training system also comes will a silly amount of great bonuses;

  • 12 Week Meal Plans
  • Insider Tips For Male Fitness, Figure, Fitness and Bikini, and Muscle
  • The Audio Program
  • Sports Nutrition Supplement Report
  • 12 Week Exercise Journal
  • 12 Week Nutrition Journal
  • 12 Week Calendar

The bonuses that come with the Stage Ready Nutrition And Training system alone are a complete program, now mixed the two together and there is a tone of killer information that will give results.

stage ready nutritionHere’s an overview of what following the Stage Ready Nutrition And Training system will teach you:

  • Learn the top 10 best secrets how bikini and fitness models actually get into their best shape.
  • Learn the best way to lose your belly, firm and tone your arms, and get great shaped legs.
  • Figure out how to finally get rid of the fat in those hard to target trouble spots.
  • Follow a great diet that satisfies your cravings, never feeling hungry while you start to develop your fitness model body in a lot less time than you think.
  • Discover the fat loss secrets for women in their 20’s 30’s and 40’s for your best body ever.

Stage Ready Nutrition And Training Opinion

Whether you are looking to get your best place in a contest or just look your best for your next holiday the Sage Ready Nutrition And Training system can give you just that. What I like best about following this system is you won’t find yourself hungry or exhausted. These are some of the best, well hidden secrets you’ll find professionals using around the world. If you’re looking for that edge in your next competition, I strongly recommend checking out Stage Ready Nutrition And Training and keep these “backstage” tip your secret weapons.

Stage Ready Nutrition And Training

stage ready nutrition and training


HFT2 High Frequency Training 2 Review | Twice The Muscle By Chad Waterbury

Hi there thanks for visiting my review on HFT2 which stands for High Frequency Training 2. I hope this review helps to make the right decision if HFT2  High Frequency Training 2 is going to be the right program for you. This is the new updated version of High Frequency Training which originally came out in 2012. It’s been 4 years since Chard Waterbury published the first, lots has changed and research has improved. Lets see if Chad used all the feedback from his first program to make  the new HFT2 High Frequency Training 2 even better.

HFT2 High Frequency Training 2 | Twice The Muscle

HFT2 High Frequency Training 2

First off HFT2 has big claims, it claims to be able to build your muscles twice as fast as you currently are. To do this you must follow two main strategies, train the muscles the right way and the right time management of the training during the weekly exercises. Now the HFT2 High Frequency Training 2 program is broken down into 3 different parts. The High Frequency Training 2 Manual, Videos and Training Logs.

high frequency training 2First you start with the HFT2 manual. This is a 131 pages explaining how the workouts work, also explaining how you will be able to build muscle faster than before. Inside the High Frequency Training 2 manual you will find two full body programs. One is the 12 week program to gain lean muscle. The second is what I really like about this program it allows you to work on  specific muscle groups through targeted training routines. With both programs you will follow the special HFT2, High Frequency Training 2 training methods. Follow these methods to gain muscle in one specific muscle or gain muscle for the entire body

These are easy to follow routines and of course must be followed exactly to get great muscle gains. With all the exercises in the HFT2 manual there are links to high definition videos, 38 in total. Learn how to perform the exercises correctly to gain muscle faster than before. The High Frequency Training 2 videos will show you exercises you have probably never seen before. All the videos will work on a tablet, smart phone, Mac or PC which ever you choose.

Check out a sample video from their official site HERE

The final part in the HFT2, High Frequency Training 2 which is the big change from the original program is the training logs. These are what I found to be the most helpful, print the copies and track your progress. Whether you are working on a specific muscle or following the full body program, being able to see the progression on paper is a huge boost keeping you motivated.

The only real draw back I can see with the HFT2 is there isn’t a meal plan. Now with that said if you are serious about training and gaining serious muscle you will a ready have a lot of knowledge towards your diet. This High Frequency Training 2 is for the experienced lifter who isn’t happy seeing little gains. You wouldn’t be using this program to lose weight and start building muscle.

Will the HFT2 High Frequency Training 2 Program Work

Comparing HFT2 to the original program there is no question High Frequency Training 2 is by far the superior program. Chad is fully confident his program will give you gains unlike you have ever seen before, for that reason you have a 60 day money back guarantee. You will also get a copy of the original program with the purchase of HFT2 kinda of a win win. Twice the muscle, twice as fast, and two programs. But the main reason I recommend the High Frequency Training 2 program, I really like how you can zone in and target a certain muscle you want to develop. Ready for big gains start today for more information check out the official HFT2 High Frequency Training 2 site here.

HFT2 High Frequency Training 2 | Twice the Muscle




Anabolic Again Review | Brad Pilon’s Anabolic Again

Does this sound familiar,  you’ve been working out trying to build muscle, you push harder each time but still no more muscle gains. Not everyone wants to build big strong muscles some just want to be lean and shredded. But if you’re trying to bulk up and are tired of getting nowhere this Anabolic Again program by Brad Pilon could just be what you’ve been missing. I hope my break down of the Anabolic Again program helps you make the right decision if it’s right for you helping you reach those desired gains. Always keep in mind to get the full benefit of any program the closer and more dedicated you are the better the results will be. Lets see what Anabolic Again is all about.

Anabolic Again | The Advanced 12 Week Muscle Building Protocal

Anabolic Again by Brad Pilon

Brad Pilon creator of Anabolic Again originally coming for a supplement  industry managing a Research and Development department of a major supplement company. Then becoming a well know nutritionist and published the controversial Eat Stop Eat diet book. This new diet brought intermittent fast out into the open as a great and effective weight loss tool. Brad himself struggled with building muscle and has now discovered yet another controversial but revolutionary path to building muscle with his Anabolic Again Muscle Building Protocal.


Anabolic Again is a very straight forward program, learn how to start building muscle again, step by step. We all plateau and it is always so hard getting over this hurdle. Anabolic Again will increase your muscle mass which has seemed to stop growing, through the combination of proper nutrition and specific exercise workouts. The main focus to get through these plateaus is called Compound Cluster Cycling.

Compound Cluster Cycling

anabolicCompound Cluster Cycling is the meat and potatoes of the Anabolic Again program. It’s rather simple but keep in mind must be followed exactly. There are no substitutions in these exercises, Brad is a firm believer that following his routines exactly will get the muscle fibers your body has forgotten working again. To me this makes total sense its just like muscle confusion which I have found to work really well once you have plateaued. An example of the routines you will follow in Anabolic Again are a combination of squats, rows, to overhead presses plus a few exercises you have probably never done before. In short compound cluster cycling never lets your muscles adapt which stimulates new muscle growth.

A key point to remember is  isn’t going to be like a boost steroids and it doesn’t claim to. Anabolic Again will get you through the plateaus you are struggling to get through. Which then helps you in gain more muscle mass. Cause as you are probably aware once you have gained 10 lbs or so of muscle it is tough and slow gaining any more.

Nutrition in Anabolic Again

anabolic again foodWe all know nutrition is key whether it’s for weight loss or building muscle. In Anabolic Again the nutrition has been created to build muscle or you could say fuel the muscles. The one thing I really like about this complete nutrition guide how you can calculate your specific calorie requirements for your specific body type ( age, sex, height, weight, goals ) This is key cause what my body requires is going to a lot different than my wife’s.

In the Anabolic Again nutrition guide once you have your calorie in-take figured you can follow the already and meals. The meals vary from 1500 calories to 3000 calories. The only draw back I found there isn’t many meal choices for those who require more calories, up 6000 calorie meals. 6000 calories may seem huge but if you are already quite muscular, training hard that wouldn’t be far off. Follow the Anabolic Again Nutrition guide and you will start fueling the muscles correctly for proper muscle growth.

Another great cooking book to add to the Anabolic Again meals is Anabolic Cooking filled with tasty recipes.

>> Click Here << to find out more about Anabolic Again by Brad Pilon

Anabolic Again Conclusion

Just to be sure you have this straight Anabolic Again is for the experienced lifter who has plateaued. This isn’t a lose weight gain muscle program. With that said Anabolic Again is an excellent program for charging though the plateaus. If you are serious about gaining muscle this short 12 week program will do the trick. Another good choice for building muscle worth looking at would be the Adonis Golden Ratio which too gives great results. Anabolic Again is a very easy program to implement but you must follow it to a “T” and it will give you results. I highly recommend giving Anabolic Again a try and start watching those muscles grow.

Anabolic Again | The Advanced 12 Week Muscle Building Protocal


anabolic again




Body Transformation Blueprint Review | Body Transformation Blueprint By Sean Nalewanyj

Looking into purchasing the Body Transformation Blueprint by Sean Nalewanyj but not sure if it’s right for you? Well I hope my review on Sean’s new training system helps you to make a well informed decision. Take in consideration we are all different and not every weight loss or muscle gaining system will be the same for everyone. It does come down to how committed and how closely you follow the system.

sean nWho is Sean Nalewanyj? He is a natural bodybuilder a long with being a very successful personal coach. He’s straight to the point and uses science to back up his training. Recently he has putting most of his time and effort into his line of high quality supplements but is now back to training. The Body Transformation Blueprint is hie newest system for fat loss or muscle building.

Click here for the Body Transformation Blueprint

 Body Transformation Blueprint

With the Body Transformation Blueprint you have two choices lose weight or build muscle. I have to say both of these are well covered. Now if you like this program this works really well cause first you can lose the weight then turn to the muscle building phase.

There is a lot of information packed into the Body Transformation Blueprint package, but I do have to say you might find the reading a bit dry. That being said it’s dry cause it’s straight to the point. You aren’t reading this for entertainment rather for knowledge transform your body.

The Body Transformation Blueprint’s main book covers 5 main topics teaching you everything you need to know to set up your perfect plan suited to you goals.

Combine that with these great ebooks and you will be unstoppable. The Body Transformation Blueprint is a full package leaving nothing out.

  1. Body Transformation Blueprint workoutThe No Fail Workout System – Step-by-step training plans for gym or at home workout. With a long list of exercise being able to adapt to everyone’s  situation. Also get many cardio exercise variations keeping you motivated.
  2.  The No Fail Meal Plans – To get the most out of your workouts you have to feed the body correctly. Follow these structured meal plans for maximum results. Choose from 1500 to 5000 calorie plans depending on your goals. Also a large list of substitutions creating you own perfect plan.
  3. The No Fail Supplement Guide – Learn which supplements actually help, no more wasting money on supplements that you don’t need. Everything is broken down into categories to help you make the right decisions.
  4. body transformation blueprint data baseThe Body Transformation Blueprint Video Data Base – Stop putting strain on certain areas when you’re doing an exercise wrong. Login and watch, follow the proper form to gain the maximum effect of each exercise.
  5. The Body Transformation Blueprint Cookbook – Over 50 delicious easy to prepare meal ideas. With step-by-step instructions, nutritional information, and ingredients list. From protein fudge balls, creamy tuna jacket potato, to clean bulking pizza you will find something delicious.
  6. The Body Transformation Blueprint Progress Tracker – This is what I found to be one of the best features. You may be working out hard but might be slightly lacking somewhere. Being able to track your progress is a must to fine tune workouts and meals. It also great for motivation when you see changes happening on paper.

Another really cool feature to the Body Transformation Blueprint is you will gain access to Sean Nalewanyj’s personal email. We are all different and if you have any questions about your training or nutrition Sean is there to help 7 days a week. Consider him your new personal online trainer. He is there to make sure the Body Transformation Blueprint system is going to meet your goals as quick as possible. 14 years of experience goes a long way and chances are he has herd it before.

Overall View On Body Transformation Blueprint

Whether you are looking to lose weight or gain muscle the Body Transformation Blueprint is an excellent choice. The initial read may be a bit dry but like I said it’s to the point full of only the best information. Being able to start off with the weight loss first then move on over to the muscle building program makes the Body Transformation Blueprint an all in one package. Now if Body Transformation Blueprint isn’t for you and your looking to lose weight I recommend checking out Customized Fat Loss For Men. Once you have lost the weight and want to gain muscle check out Adonis Golden Ratio. But like I said Body Transformation Blueprint is a two in one package totally work it value. Also Body Transformation Blueprint works for both men and women.

The Body Transformation Blueprint

Body Transformation Blueprint




Metabolic Explosion Review | Will Dan Faggella’s System Work For You

If you are under the misconception that the only way to boost your metabolism and burn away your unwanted fat, is metabolic ex4to bust your butt with high impact, long grueling cardio workouts. Then it’s time to look into new school training with an old school twist. Metabolic Explosion, burn fat and build lean strong muscle.

Dan Faggella is the fitness professional and martial artist that created this unique new school form of training. What make his system unique is the way he puts the martial arts into Metabolic Explosion creating great results. Burning fat, getting into shape is the goal. Read further and see how Metabolic Explosion helps you to accomplish these goals.

>>Metabolic Explosion | Low Impact Fat Burning<<

Metabolic Explosion How It Works

Yes this is another martial arts inspired system, look how big the UFC has become both the male and female side. And I have to say you never see anyone step into the ring out of shape. But Metabolic Explosion has a very unique take on this form of exercise. The concept behind their system is “Minimal effort, Maximum effect” now this isn’t what it sounds like. This doesn’t mean lazy workouts for great results. This is based on movements achieving maximum effects on your muscles and cardiovascular system with out stressing your joints.

Here is what you will find inside the Metabolic Explosion program. A written hand book and of course videos. The hand book is great with lots of information but of course when learning new exercise movements it is so much more effect to see exactly how the movements are done. Here are the 3 different targeted sessions;

  1. metabolic ex 2Fat Burning – Fat burning is where we all need to start. Learn how to maximize your calorie burning by focusing on the biggest muscle groups. Larger muscles burn more calories. You will also notice none of these exercises are strenuous, putting strain on your joints. Break a sweat and burn maximum calories in 4 to 9 minutes seeing results.
  2. Sculpting – Time to see some definition, building muscle becoming strong and fit, but what I really like is the fact there is no equipment required. You are also able to pick and choose which muscle groups to target creating your own custom workout plan. And yes you will still be burning fat cause muscle use more energy. The more muscle the more energy burned.
  3. Core/Abs – These are low impact exercises  not just sit ups and crunches which can hurt or injure your lower back if done incorrectly. Here is where you also learn how to boost your metabolism slimming the belly area. This is all about building a strong core getting a sexy flat tummy while lowering the chances of injury.

Pros of Metabolic Explosion

  • metabolic ex3Instant access being a downloadable program either PC or Mac.
  • Very affordable for all the information packed inside this system.
  • Low impact, quick exercises giving remarkable results all under 10 minutes.
  • Best part no equipment required.
  • Of course a 60 day money back guarantee.
  • Based on years of Judo and  Martial Artists expertise.

Right now when you purchase Metabolic Explosion you also get two bonuses : Fat Burning Food Guide and Habits To Explode Your Metabolism. These two blend nicely with the main system Metabolic Explosion. I’m not going to go into detail about the bonuses cause they have been specially picked to enhance your results. Giving you a leaner fitter body.

Will Metabolic Explosion Work For You

I really like how Metabolic Explosion uses the unique techniques of the martial arts ( which has been proven for centuries ). The low impact exercises you will learn are great for those young and old male or female. Regardless of your current fitness level or your desired fitness goals this very unique program can chisel your body unlike any other. I recommend giving Metabolic Explosion a try cause all you have to lose is a bunch of fat while gaining firm sexy muscle. Today fit and strong is sexy not skinny and weak. Click here to go to the official Metabolic Explosion site. Another program I found very useful to go a long with this is Unlock Your Hip Flexors. For me I have always had problems in the hip flexor area and this system has give me great relieve, strength and explosiveness. Forget about old school static stretching.

>>Metabolic Explosion | Low Impact Muscle Building<<

metabolic explosion


Bowflex Treadclimber Review | Cardio, Sweating, Fat Burning

Why Purchase A Bowflex Treadclimber

It’s time to get into shape or push your fitness to the next level. So do you go for a Bowflex Treadclimber or a Treadmill. In this reviews I am going to be looking at two different models of the Bowflex, the Bowflex Treadclimber TC100 and the Bowflex Treadclimber TC200. As you can tell my choice is the Bowflex over a Treadmill. Which ever one you might choose these are excellent cardio fat burning machines.

One of the main reasons to go for a Bowflex over a treadmill is these are low impact cardio machines. They are designed to burn fat without jarring your joints. Unlike a treadmill with a flat running surface, the bowflex has unique dual treads which rise up to cushion each step. One of the draw backs to the Bowflex system is that you cannot bust out a sprint like you are able to on a treadmill.

Bowflex Treadclimber TC100

  • bowflex climber tc100Maximum speed: 4 mph
  • New interactive and fully backlit LCD screen brings your workouts to life.
  • Charge your tablet, phone, or music player on the redesigned media shelf with built-in USB charging port.
  • Stores and tracks 2 user
  • Great compact design that fits easily in any home

The biggest difference between the TC100 and the TC200 is the software. The TC200 allows for more users with 5 different workout programs. There is also a slight size difference below is a list of all the differences to help you make an informed decision on which cardio machine is best for you. The information is also based on the new up dated models for 2016

Bowflex Treadclimber TC200

  • bowflex treadclimberSet, monitor, and track your personal fitness goals with the free TreadClimber App with integrated Bluetooth® connectivity.
  • Tracks and stores up to 4 different user’s data.
  • Choose from 5 different workout programs designed to eliminate boredom and keep you moving – Just Walk, Calorie Goal, Time Goal, Distance Goal, and Interval.
  • New interactive and fully backlit, high-contrast, LCD screen brings your workouts to life, animating your progress as calories melt away.
  • Charge your tablet, phone, or music player on the redesigned media shelf with built-in USB charging port.

The Bowflex Treadclimber TC200 is the top of the line model. With all the bells and whistles. The TC200’s enhanced digital connectivity, increases console interactivity.

Main differences between the TC100 and the TC200 are:

  1. Speed – with just a slight speed difference the TC100’s maximum speed is 4 mph while the TC200’s is 4.5 mph
  2. bowflex climber tc200 - 1User Profiles – With the TC100 you are only able to save data for 2 users while the TC200 allows for 4
  3. Heart Rate Monitoring – The TC100 has the basic hand grip monitoring system. The TC200 has a far more advanced monitoring system, the hand grips a long with a wireless monitor and chest strap and a visual  Heart Rate Zone Light Bar tracking your pulse.
  4. Built In Workouts – Both of these cardio machine come with Motion Traxx which is are free online workout programs. The big difference is in the built in programming. The TC100 only comes with the Quick Start Mode. Now the TC200 has 5 different training programs which are Walking, Time Goal, Calorie Goal, Interval and Distance Goals.
  5. Bluetooth – You only get the bluetooth feature with the TC200. This allows you to use the free Treadclimber App then being able to transfer your workout data to MyFitnessPal or other select fitness apps. The more data you are able to track the easier to achieve your goals.
  6. bowflex climber tc200 - 2Machine Size – Both the TC100 and TC200are able to handle user weights up to 300 lbs. While the TC200 is slightly smaller in size it weights a little more at 202 lbs and the TC100 is 158 lbs.
  7. Warranties – The Boflex Treadclimber TC100 and TC200 by Nautilus both come with full machine warranties.  2 years for the TC100 and 3 years for the TC200.

Final Thoughts

Both the TC100 and TC200 are the new and improved Bowflex Treadclimbers for 2016. While the TC200 costs more due to the more electronic features (data management and heart monitoring). The budget friendly TC100 will give you the same fat burning cardio workout with out the information. If you have sore knees or lower back pain any jarring kind of cardio isn’t going to work, making the Bowflex Treadclimbers TC100 or TC200 an excellent choice. Click on any of the pictures and buy with confidence though Amazon getting you life changing cardio machine to your front door.

Bowflex Treadclimber TC100

Bowflex Treadclimber TC200



Body For Golf Review | Body For Golf By Susan Hill

Body For Golf | Strength And Flexibility For Golf

golf teeCan or will Body For Golf by Susan Hill help lower your golf scores. Hopefully my review will help you to make the right decision if Body For Golf is right for you. Golf is meant to be a relaxing enjoyable game, so why can it frustrate some of us so much. Weather you play for fun, are a junior trying to stand out from the rest, even a competitive collage player going for that scholarship no matter your level the Body For Golf ebook set might just take you to that next level. 6 weeks is all you will need to get a better body and a better golf swing. This might be the least expensive way to lower your golf scores and start hitting incredibly accurate shots. Stop throwing money at your local golf pro, give yourself 6 weeks and start hitting the back of the driving range. Learn golf strength and the right flexibility with Body For Golf, it will change the way you strike the ball.

>> Body For Golf | Strength And Flexibility For Golf <<

How To Lower Your Golf  Scores | Body For Golf

golfFirst off, Susan Hill is letting her secrets out in Body For Golf. Susan is a highly qualified golf fitness trainer. Former President and Founder of A long with being a fitness trainer, sports nutritionist, golf biomechanic, youth conditioning specialist and golf flexibility expert. And the list goes on she also has 8 best selling books on golf. When she’s not training with professionals on tour she’s helping out top juniors reach their full potential. With all that said you have to agree Susan Hill knows golf.

Body For Golf is a 6 week program that will transform your golf game by adding distance to your drives, reducing your handicap, and even giving you a better fitter body. To become a better golfer you must understand the important connection between your fitness and your swing. To consistently play an excellent round of golf you must learn what the body physically and nutritionally needs to excel.

2015-12-29_121939In Body For Golf learn tips to gaining a lot of energy for an entire round, which is why most of us struggle on the back nine. Also enhance your golf swing by working on the proper golf flexibility which is necessary to lowering those golf scores.

Here is the section I found most useful “Proper Posture” for a perfect swing. Everyone is different and it is impossible to copy some one else’s swing. Look at today’s pros their swings are all slightly different but it’s their perfect swing. With the right posture, which is the key starting point you can have your own Perfect Swing.

It seem today most people think new clubs will lower your scores and make you hit straight drives. But tell me how your going to hit the ball crisper and straighter when your swing is out of wack. Save the money and dedicate 6 weeks to improving your game with Body For Golf this will the cheapest and most effective path to hitting the green in two.

Will Body For Golf Work For You?

If you have been enjoying the game of golf for years and haven’t seen any improvements especially if you spend money on lesions, this book will change your game. I think most people think golf is a lazy man’s game which is totally wrong. You might not have to be in your prime, and with a few areas  concern (shoulders, hips, and spin) and the right golf specific exercises and stretches you will lower your scores. Stop fading in the back nine, gain endurance through proper nutrition and conditioning. I highly suggest putting some of those lesions on hold and give this quick 6 week Body For Gold program a try, even add this to your lesions and start seeing your golf scores drop and stop searching for those balls in the woods.

Body For Golf | Learn How To Fix Your Golf Swing

body for golf




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