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Joy Of Eating Review | The Joy Of Eating By Petia Raeva

The Joy Of Eating by Petia Raeva might be the weight loss guide you have been looking for. This isn’t some sort of crash diet or intense workout program. If you are looking to lose weight safely with long lasting results while avoiding harmful pills and supplements I suggest keep reading further to see if The Joy Of Eating is right for you.

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The Joy Of Eating | A Quick Guide to Successful Weight Loss

the joy of eating petia raevaPetia Raeva is the author of The Joy Of Eating. This book hits home for the fact Petria personally went through these weight loss struggles. From trying to maintain a career while raising a child. She to fell into the fast food trap all cause of convenience. After failing with many different diet programs she discovered the easiest and best method to succeed at weight loss. Pay attention to who you eat with, makes sense when you think about it for the fact we are so easily influenced.

Petia isn’t only the author of The Joy Of Eating she also owns a very successful health supplement company called New Greenline. A long with a healthy eating restaurant in Bulgaria and owns a branded water company. As you can she committed to healthy living.

How Does The Joy Of Eating Work

The Joy Of Eating is an Ebook teaches you all about food and how it works with the body. I really learned a lot about carbohydrates and proteins. I was unaware that when the two are combined they take longer to digest which then leads to weight gain.

Learn about food separation and how it can increase food absorption. Getting the most out of all your food is important. Choosing foods that help with your digestive system is key to absorbing all of the required nutrients. This easy to understand guide explains how to mix different food groups for optimal digestion and vitamin absorption. The Joy Of Eating isn’t just for weight loss it will also help the body achieve optimal heath by getting all the minerals and vitamins it requires.

In The Joy Of Eating guide it suggests the user to go and get their hormone levels checked. This actually a great idea for the reason if you are about to start on this weight loss journey and your hormones are out act wack you will struggle until they are in check. The hormone leptin and ghrelin are responsible for telling the brain when it’s hungry or full. With low hormone levels you over eat which makes weight loss impossible. Now if you starve the body it works the opposite, the body now stores the food as fat not knowing when it’s next meal will come.

Why Use The Joy Of Eating

 Here’s why  think The Joy Of Eating can work for you. Have you ever wondered why Europeans are generally less obese than North Americans. It all comes down to diet, which gives the old saying “you are what you eat” a tone revelance . The Joy Of Eating introduces you to a healthier way of eating. Before you know it the poor fast food cravings will be reduced.
It seems to me that more North Americans think a new years resolution is going to be their cure. Time to forget about resolutions and create healthy habits. Healthy habits is the only way to succeed with long term weight loss. Crash diets are impossible to follow for the long run and before you know it you’re back to your old ways. Another diet program worth taking a look at is Rebound Free Weight Loss. If you have enough of failing at hard to follow diets I do highly recommend giving The Joy Of Eating a chance to change the way you feel and look.

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the joy of eating


Valentus Slimroast Updated | A New Blend Even Better

The Valentus Slimroast is a weight loss coffee that has been giving amazing results. One reason is most people already drink a morning coffee making this easy to implement. To make things even better Valentus have made changes to their already great ingredients. Giving better results with even more health benefits. For me Slimroast has help me go from 206 lbs to 182 lbs. Yes I do exercise now but that is cause I have a lot more energy.

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Valentus Slimroast Coffee | New Ingredients

valentus slimroast jenny meets startbucksI wasn’t sure if it was going to be a good idea to mess with an already amazing product. By adding a few different ingredients and changing to a Brazilian Dark roast has made results even better. For those who don’t like the taste or drink coffee there is now a hint of chocolate flavor. My wife had stopped drinking the original Valentus Slimroast and was keen to try the new blend for the reason she had gained back 5 lbs. She loves the new flavor, and doesn’t even add any sugar ( which is a big plus ) while drinking it black.

You will notice the packet sizes are bigger with an add 500mg per serving. Still make your Valentus Slimroast coffee the first thing you drink in the morning and give it about 15 minutes before eating breakfast or more coffee. Here is a list of the new ingredients and there their benefits.

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New Ingredients

  • Garcinia Cambogia – a fat burning ingredient and appetite suppressant
  • Chromium Polnicotinate – made up from chromium and niacin. The niacin helps chromium absorption and works together with insulin produced by the pancreas to metabolize carbohydrates.
  • Phaseolamin – decreases the number of calories absorbed, promoting weight loss.
  • Organic Cacao – 40 times the antioxidants of blueberries, highest plant based source of Iron, full of magnesium for a healthy heart and brain, more calcium than a cow’s milk, a natural mood elevator and anti-depressant.
  • Green Tea – contains 2-4% caffeine known to improve function of the brain messengers, contains antioxidants which help protect the heart and blood vessels.
  • Chlorogenic Acid – main active ingredient in the green coffee bean and is a powerful thermogenic fat burner. Decreases absorption of dietary carbohydrates and provides antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits.
  • PEA ( Phenylethylamine HCL ) – can improve cognitive enhancement, mood improvement, weight loss and a concentration aid.
  • L-Theanine – may help relieve stress by inducing a relaxing effect without drowsiness and may also possess immunologic attributes. Theanine may also have effects on the cardiovascular system.


Why Valentus Slimroast

Lots of people today suffer from depression. When you’re depressed you eat when your body doesn’t actually need food. Yes over eating can be comforting, unfortunately causing weight gain, which than causes more depression. Valentus Slimroast 2.0 has added a few ingredients that combat the depression. PEA ( Phenylethylamine HCL ) and Organic Cacao. By adding these natural mood enhancing anti-depressants chances of binge eating are reduced. Combine with the appetite suppressing and the reducing calorie absorbing ingredients you are looking at incredible weight loss possibilities.

Valentus Slimroast isn’t just about the weight loss you also receive many other health benefits. Improving heart health and the cardiovascular system geting your body functioning in top shape. Instead of getting all anxious and jittery from the regular coffee blends feel relaxed and stress free thanks to the L-Theanine. The natural amino acid, to help calm the nerves.

Click Here for more information on the Valentus products.

How To Take

valentus-non-gmoWeight loss doesn’t get much easier than drinking a morning Valentus Slimroast. One box of slimroast contains 24 individual packets. This is a months supply for  the reason you drink one 6 days a week with one day off to reset your metabolism. What is easier than “just add water”. If you already drink and morning coffee I bet you never leave the house or miss that morning coffee.

Valentus Slimroast must be the first thing you have in the morning. After 15-20 minutes eat your breakfast or even have more of your regular blend coffee. I find now I don’t enjoy a regular coffee for the reason it seems too acidic. For best results drink black. If you must add cream go for an almond milk or coconut milk. When regular cream is added some of the fat burning ingredients start working in the cup before your body. There isn’t a change in diet needed cause you will notice the cut in appetite. You will almost have to make yourself eat some that the body doesn’t go into fat storing mode if you don’t eat all day.

Overall View On Valentus Slimroast

I highly recommend trying the Valentus products with the Slimroast being the beneficial. Through this website I have tried endless routines and diets. By far the Valentus Slimroast has had and keeps having the best results. From feeling full of energy to not getting sick any more. The new Slimroast 2.0 blend has a more appealing taste for the non coffee drinkers with that “feel good” anti-depressant kick. I like the fact when your not at home you can take it with you. Knowing that you are still burning fat when you have missed an exercise day.

It’s all about feeling your best, and when you start looking your best at the same time the confidence soars. Once you start seeing the results and feel like exercising pair this with My Bikini Butt ( for the ladies ) or Muscle Matrix Solution ( for the guys ) and it will be an whole new you .

If you are looking for further information message me or send a comment. My goal is to help anyone who has the desire to make the change. Cause when you do dam it feels great. Try Valentus Slimroast today.

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Lean Ape Living Review | Lose Weight, Build Muscle Look Good Naked

Will Lean Ape Living get you to your weight loss goals? The ultimate goal …. Look Good Naked. Sounds kinda superficial but deep down who doesn’t love looking in the mirror and loving what they see. The trick to weight loss is keeping the weight off for good. Having the right program that works for you will have you succeed and reach your goals. The best way to lose weight is to lose the weight once, so yes slight lifestyle changes are involved. Lets see what you receive with Lean Ape Living and if this program is going to be right fit for you.

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Lean Ape Living | Lose Weight, Build Muscle

In Lean Ape Living your get two e-books guides. E-book one the Full Guide To Nutrition. Here you specifically learn how to maximize fat loss and still enjoy food. E-book two A Complete Guide To Exercise. Learn that there is no reason to spend hours in the gym doing cardio to burn fat, build muscle and get that athletic look. I will go over both these guides in more detail a little further in this review.

lean-ape-lBy the name Lean Ape Living you might get the idea that this program is close to most paleo or low carb diets. There is more to Lean Ape Living then just paleo eating and low carbs. The timing of your meals, such as when to eat high carb meals to build muscle. Or how to over eat and still lose weight. You have a cheat day, which is key, there is also a section on intermittent fasting. Explaining how breakfast isn’t the most important meal of the day. But then they do go into what to eat for breakfast to turn your body into a fat burning machine. In my eyes breakfast is always going to be the most important meal of the day getting your metabolism fired up after a good 6-8 hour of being shut off.

Full Guide To Nutrition

First off Lean Ape Living isn’t a quick fix or some kind of fad diet. You are going to have to commit to some lifestyle changes to achieve your goals. Following and sticking to this nutrition plan is designed to have you feeling and looking your best. A big key to this plan is not to drink your calories. That goes for excess amount of beer too! Here is an idea of what foods to avoid:

  • Added sugarlean-ap
  • Added fructose
  • Snacks
  • Grains – rice, wheat, corn
  • Potatoes

Looks a little intimidating but remember once you start cutting back on the sugar it doesn’t take long before your sugar cravings are reduced. Learn about carb cycling, the how and why it burns fat fast while still allowing you to build muscle.

As you must know by now diet and nutrition are key to weight loss. What I like is how Lean Ape Living introduces meal timing. It’s not just when to eat, it’s also about what kind of meals to eat. When to eat the low carb meals, or the high carb meals to build muscle. We all have abs you just need to learn how to effectively burn away that layer of fat hiding them.

Learn why the cheat day is very important to weight loss, which also makes it a lot easier for people to stick with. The cheat day is also the day you would do your heaviest workout. The intermittent fasting is more or less something to can add to step it up a notch. If you ask me most people make poor breakfast choices, that’s why it’s probably better to go without which is the idea of the intermittent fasting.

A Complete Guide To Exercise

lean-apeThe goal is to lose weight correct? Now if you just lose weight and don’t have any muscle that’s not very appealing to most. Remember Lean Ape Living wants you to look good naked. If you ask me muscle is sexy, it gives shape and definition. This program isn’t designed to get you big and bulky it was created to give you the fit athletic look. Which works well for both men and women.

lean-ape-livThe nice part about the Lean Ape Exercise guide is you don’t have to spend hours in the gym. The short workouts can be done from home with minimal equipment, even just body weight routines. They say you can maximize muscle potential with only 60 minutes of exercise per week. Learn the hidden exercises the rest of the fitness world doesn’t want you to know.

I am a strong believer that cardio isn’t going to get you to the body you desire. Cardio is also the hardest way to achieve weight loss. I like how Lean Ape Living talks about this showing why to do the resistance training instead. Think of it this way muscle burns more fat so build more muscle and you will burn fat easier.

Once you start getting into shape you will probably notice you want to exercise more. I have found thanks to tech today’s smart watches can take your training to a whole new level. Filled with a tone of tracking information pushing you to that next level. Check out the Garmine Vivoactive HR Smart Watch

Final Thoughts

Overall there is a lot of useful information in the Lean Ape Living program. To me learning when and what kinds of meals to eat is the most useful. Diet and nutrition is always going to be the breaking point for most people when trying to lose weight. By learning what to eat after a workout to build muscle or what to eat to help burn fat is going to help a lot of people. The workouts are short but effective in the Lean Ape Living program. If you ask me it wouldn’t take too long before you start adding more to your exercises. This is an excellent place to start for those who are struggling to lose weight. For the price and what you get I do think Lean Ape Living is worth giving a go. It’s what ever works best for you in your daily routine which is going to make you succeed. And hey when there goal is to help you look better naked who’s going to turn that down.

If you found my review on Lean Ape Living helpful I would appreciate you purchasing it though one of my links. Which helps me continue doing reviews helping people find the right program for them.

Lean Ape Living | Look Good Naked click here


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Slimroast Coffee by Valentus Review | The Healthiest Slimming Coffee

If you are like most, you struggle with weight loss or weight management. Now there is an option for all the coffee drinkers …. Valentus Slimroast coffee, even if you don’t drink coffee these results might turn you into a coffee drinker. Click here to check out their results page Bestweightlosscoffee. There are a few reasons why you will succeed in losing weight with the Slimroast coffee but I will get to those later in the review. So whether you need to lose some weight or know someone who struggles with losing weight and haven’t heard or tried the Velentus Slimroast coffee let see why it works.

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Valentus Slimroast Coffee | What’s In The Bean

Valentus has 4 functional beverages but in this review I just want to look at the Valentus Slimroast Coffee. There are many reason why this slimroast coffee will work you. Such as habit, ingredients, ease, and straight up flavor. I have listed those in order, you might wonder why ingredients isn’t first?

Ask yourself why have you failed at weight loss in the past? Did you have to miss out on too many of your favorite foods, or was the diet just complicated to follow. This is why I think the Valentus Slimroast coffee is giving such amazing results Habit. If you are a morning coffee drinker you already have the routine down pat. I bet you never leave the house before work without drinking that morning coffee …… correct !! Now that you don’t have to change anything to lose weight you combine with great ingredients you have a win win.

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Here is a list and description of all the ingredients you get in each package of the Valentus Slimroast coffee:

  • slimroast ingredientsGarcinia Cambogia – this is the fat burning ingredient and also suppresses the appetite.
  • Ginseng 100:1 Extract – combats free radicals, premature aging and helps balance immune system.
  • L-Carnitine & Chromium – helps carry sugar into muscle cells where it is stored as energy. Assists in managing carbohydrate craving and weight management.
  • Phaseolamin – decreases the number of calories absorbed, promoting weight loss.
  • Casslolamine – multi-flavanoid compound helps in the prevention of cardiovascular disease and in the reduction of high blood pressure.
  • Green Tea – contains 2-4% caffeine, known to improve function of brain messengers, contains antioxidants which help protect the heart and blood vessels.
  • Chlorogenic Acid – the main active ingredient in Green Coffee Been and is a powerful thermogenic fat burner. Decreases absorption of dietary carbohydrates and provides antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits.
  • Dark Italian Roast Arabica Coffee – the “mountain coffee” beautifully fragrant, sweet and round, with a slight and pleasant acidity, and just a hint of bitterness.

prevail slimroastReasons To Start

After reading through this combination of great ingredients you will be hard pressed not to see results with the Valentus Slimroast coffee. Once you lose the weight you just simply manage it with a morning slimroast coffee.

valentus slimroastNow we see the top two reasons I believe the Valentus Slimroast coffee will give you results, the third reason is ease. Here is what I mean by ease. 1 box of Valentus Slimroast is a months supply, there are 24 packets per box. How’s that equal a month??? Well you have to drink your slimroast 6 days a week with 1 day rest to reset your metabolism. Also what weight loss plan is easier then “ just add water“. There is no calorie counting or crazy recipes to follow just go about your regular day of eating.

One thing I did notice with having my morning Valentus Slimroast was great appetite suppression. This is great but if you don’t make yourself eat you might find you don’t eat till late in the afternoon. This can be bad because the body might end up storing the food as fat for the fact it thinks it’s being starved. I did find that when is wasn’t eating I wasn’t getting results but when I made sure to eat then the weight loss started again.

Why Not Regular Coffee

Regular coffee is very acidic which can put a damper on trying to lose weight. Drinking acidic drinks puts the bodies PH all out of wack. So even though you might be exercising or trying to eat better you aren’t seeing the results. Our bodies PH is close to water so getting this balance in check helps with weight loss.

Slimroast benefitsYou will notice there is a third of the caffeine in the Valentus Slimroast coffee. This is a great bonus if you ask me cause now you are avoiding the caffeine crash. You might think you need the caffeine for energy but since drinking the slimroast coffee regularly my energy levels have increase incredibly, without the crash.

Once you start drinking the Valentus Slimroast coffee it takes about 6 to 8 weeks before it finishes the deep down cellular detoxification. Once that is complete you will see more weight loss at a faster pace. Don’t be fooled most people will see a drop in weight with in the first few weeks, but even better at the 6 to 8 week mark.

Conclusion of the Valentus Slimroast Coffee

I have tried and gone through many weight loss programs but I have to say this Valentus Slimroast Coffee is probably one of the best products I have come across. The results for me are by far the best I’ve had, a few of my closest friends to finally have seen results. They could never follow a diet or exercise plan and now have lost weight while turning to exercise cause they feel so much better. All thanks to their morning Slimroast Coffee. Honestly I’m in my mid 40’s and have a job where I just sit around all day. The Valentus Slimraost Coffee has been a life changer for me, from the weight loss to the amount of energy I have all day long. When Valentus Slimroast says they are the “Next Generation In Nutrition” they mean it!!

Healthiest weight loss coffee

You can check out my other post on Coffee For Weight Loss which goes over the 4 functional beverages by Valentus. I can’t say enough about the Valentus Slimroast coffee just cause it works so well. They even offer a 30 day money back guarantee but am yet to hear about anyone putting that to use. If you are struggling to lose weight the Valentus Slimroast Coffee is a must try. It does more then help you lose weight. Try a cup today ….. Valentus Slimroast.

Lose Weight, Feel Great With Valentus Slimroast Coffee Start Here



Burn The Fat 7 Day Body Transformation Review | Quick Start Guide

Here is a look at the new for 2016, Burn The Fat 7 Day Body Transformation program. It sounds to good to be true, hopefully my review on this fat burning program will help you make an informed decision if this program is right for you. Burn The Fat 7 Day Body Transformation program works for everyone but seems to be most popular with both man and women between the ages of 30 to 55. So if you fit into that demographic keep reading to see if  Burn The Fat 7 Day Body Transformation will work for you.

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Burn The Fat 7 Day Body Transformation

Alright do not let the name Burn The Fat 7 Day Body Transformation fool you. This isn’t just 7 days then over. This is a quick start program but it doesn’t end there. With the knowledge you receive in the first 7 days you now have a customized plan. And with the right plan you are set up for success. Now you just have to stay committed to your plan until you reach your desired fat loss goal. Depending what shape you are starting at the Burn The Fat 7 Day Body Transformation might be 3, 4, or even a 6 month goal.

A great feature to Burn The Fat 7 Day Body Transformation is once you reach your desired goal you just have to re-adjust your calories, macronutrients and training to maintain your happy weight. Here is the 7 day break down of what you will learn each day (Quick Start Guide);

Quick Start Guide

burn the faDay 1 / Chapter 1Mental Training and Goal Setting. – Learn how to get your mind ready for the changes that are about to come. The key is to turn your daily diet and exercises into habits.

Day 2 / Chapter 2Calculate Your Calorie and Macronutrient Numbers. – Knowing your numbers is key to successfully burn body fat but still build muscle at the same time. You must also know how to adjust your numbers to maintain your desired weight.

Day 3 / Chapter 3Speed Up Your Metabolism and Feel Fuller With the Right Food. – As you must know by know your food intake is key to weight loss and maintaining your desired weight. The best part of this chapter is learning which foods you must avoid to get the best results for burning fat.

Half Way There

Day 4 / Chapter 4 Combination Of 3 Food Types To Assist In Burning Fat. – Here you will learn the 3 food types. The key to this is learning the best ratios of each different food type for maximum fat burning.

Day 5 / Chapter 5Designing Your Personal Meal Plan. – Taking everything you have learned on day 2, 3,, and 4 you are now walked through creating a personalized meal plan. Follow this for the next 3 to 6 months (depending on your goals ) to reach your desired goals.

Day 6 / Chapter 6Choose or Create Weight Training & Cardio Regimen. – In this section you have a choice whether you are a beginner or an advanced lifter. You can choose from already made weight training programs or you can fully customize your own program following the guidelines. Maybe you want to target a certain area or maybe you have a pre-existing injury and you are unable to follow the pre-made programs. Being able to customize your own program and know how to do it properly is an excellent feature.

Day 7 / Chapter 7Progress Tracking. – This is one of the most important features to the Burn the Fat 7 Day Body Transformation. Without a solid, proven way to measure and track your progress you are wasting a lot of your efforts. By following this you avoid the plateaus being able to keep progressing. Tracking is a must part to all workout programs. If your current program is missing a tracking feature I highly recommend getting a program that does.

burn the fBurn The Fat

There you have it, that is the Quick Start guide, your first weeks full run down. Now it’s up to you to commit from 3 to 6 months or even longer. Burn The Fat 7 Day Body Transformation program is suitable for every beginner to the experienced trainee. The worksheets, spreadsheets, food lists, downloads and online tools make Burn The Fat 7 Day Body Transformation a great long term program.

burn the fat 7 day body transformationWith Burn The Fat 7 Day Body Transformation you also get access to Burn the Fat Inner Circle. This is probably one of the top features to the program. The only down side is you only get it for 6 months. Then you have to up grade to keep using the inner circle. What makes this forum so good is the sheer size of it’s active users. With more users you receive more help. From other trainers to amazing success stories, everyone on this forum can and will help you reach your fat loss goals. Being an exclusive membership you get information from serious people. Thus weeding out the spammers so you can stay focused on your goals.

Now don’t let the name Burn The Fat 7 Day Body Transformation fool you. You are not going to just follow this program for 7 days then done. The first 7 days just sets your path. Now it’s up to stick to if for the next 3 to 6 months. What I like is Burn The Fat 7 Day Body Transformation brings you back to what works ……. the basics. You can’t change the fundamentals but we do get side tracked quite easy and seem to stray away. If you want long lasting results you have to stick to what works and we call them fundamentals for a reason, they work.

Over All Opinion

Stop getting side tracked by new gimmics or the crazy crash diets. There is a lot of very useful information that you can put to use. Burn The Fat 7 Day Body Transformation is excellent for male or female and works great for those 40 and over. Once you hit 40 it is oh so important to stay active and exercise. At 40 the body starts losing muscle and if you start losing muscle chances are you will be replacing it with fat. Another program, which has been one of my most popular is Body Transformation Blueprint by Sean Nalewanyj which has been giving great results too. No matter which program you might choose you, have to start somewhere and Burn The Fat 7 Day Body Transformation is an excellent place to start …… no reason to mess with the fundamentals just need then re-enforced cause they work.

Burn The Fat 7 Day Body Transformation Click Here

burn the fat 7 day body transformation



Coffee For Weight Loss | Next Generation In Nutrition

Alright I have been trying this product and didn’t want to have anything to say about it until I finished my first box. First off I have been trying to lose weight but kind of hit a road block and stopped seeing any changes. Now this product was introduced to me by a friend at work, mainly cause he knew about my Health N Fitness website. He also did the same thing, tried it for a month before telling me about it. So here is the big secret …. we all drink a morning coffee right, now how about a coffee that works for you ( helping in weight loss ). It’s called Prevail SlimROAST by Valentus which also has 3 other great drinks that are natural, healthy, basically filled with dam good ingredients. Here are my results yes there was a little exercise involved but nothing over a 30 minute workout. But just so you know you can lose weight with these products and never enter a gym. Here are my before and after pictures.

FullSizeRender (3)

abs popping

Check out the full Valentus product line here

Not bad for early 40’s and a little exercise but the final last cut of weight      came from my morning coffee of Slim Roast.

 Prevail SlimROAST | The Next Generation In Nutrition

So that’s my small but great changing story and pictures. First why I think The Prevail SlimROAST will work for everyone. Humans are routine people and when you make things simple they work. I bet that 90% of people have at least one morning coffee. With the Prevail SlimROAST you still have a morning coffee but the coffee does the work for you. When you take some kind of pill  trying to help with you weight loss it’s a lot easier to miss one or two, but you never forget that morning coffee. Best part the Prevail SlimROAST is the delicious Italian dark roast flavor and knowing that the ingredients are 100% natural is a great piece mind.

 prevail slimroast

Here is a picture of the ingredients you will find in every cup of Prevail SlimROAST. For a full description of all the ingredients and their benefits click here. Here is a list of the benefits to drinking your Prevail SlimROAST every morning:slimroastnutrition facts


  • Controls appetite
  • Regulates sugar absorption
  • Regulates fat absorption
  • Promotes brain health and focus
  • Elevates mood
  • Antioxidant

For me the Prevail SlimROAST was all I needed to get me past my slump and finally shed those last few pounds I just couldn’t get rid of. For those who need a little more or have more weight to lose you need to add the Prevail Trim drink during the day.

Prevail Trim

Now the person who introduced me to these Valentus products used the Prevail SlimROAST in the morning and then later in the day would have a Prevail Trim. This worked excellent for him and now just maintains his weight by using the Prevail SlimROAST every morning. The Prevail Trim was created to be a natural appetite suppressant filled with ingredients that also detoxify your body. Adding the Prevail Trim to your diet is excellent for weight loss and management. Cause there is no point losing all the weight then slowly gaining it all back over time. Here is a list of the ingredients you will get in every pack of Prevail Trim:prevail trim

  • Garcinia cambogia
  • Raspberry ketones
  • Maqui berry
  • Chromium zynchrome

Click here for the break down and benefits of all the ingredients in one Prevail Trim serving.


There are still two remaining Prevail healthy drink products Prevail Immune Boost and Prevail Energy.

Prevail Energy, we all need some kind of pick me up these days, by now you must have noticed how many different energy drinks are in the store coolers. And they are pretty much all bad for you. Filled with artificial ingredients and loaded with sugar. With Prevail Energy you get a healthy energy choice for top performance. Here are the list of ingredient in each pack:

  • Guarana seedprevail en
  • Maqui berry
  • Green tea
  • Gotu kola
  • Meca
  • Siberian   ginseng

These are all natural ingredients and for a more details on each ingredient and their benefits click here. No more crashing from all the artificial ingredients time for an energy drink that last for hours …… Prevail Energy.

Prevail Immune Boost

If you have kids that are in school you must have notice that you seem to be getting colds and sicknesses more often. It’s impossible to avoid so many different bugs around the classrooms. The best way to avoid these colds is with a powerful immune system. Prevail Immune Boost this is a night time drink packed full of antioxidants. Antioxidants have been proven to help fight off colds and sicknesses.Here is the list of killer ingredients in every Prevail Immune Boost drink:

  • Aloe vera
  • Pomegranate
  • Grape skin extract
  • Panax ginsengprevail immune boost
  • Ganoderma lucidia
  • Beta glucan
  • Mangosteen
  • Noni fruit
  • Goji berry

Here is the benefits each of these powerful fruits and vegetables has to offer. Prevail Immune Boost is specially formulate to do just that boost your immune system. Avoid coughs and colds and stay healthy all year round.

Final Thoughts

There you have it all 4 products, Prevail SlimROAST, Prevail Trim, Prevail Energy, and the Prevail Immune Boost. These are all great and healthy drinks. With a tone of great health benefits. I was introduced to these for the healthy side of things but a lot of people are going in for the money side of it. There is a huge potential to make some dollars that’s for sure, but I you ask me health first. We always have had our morning coffee but we have a coffee with benefits proof is in the pics. Either way I do highly recommend these delicious healthy drinks that will bring on big changes.

Click here for your Prevail SlimROAST

Click here for more info on all the Prevail products

Click here if your interested in being and Independent Rep for a fabulous product with health being #1




Young Body Reboot Review | Drew Allen’s Young Body Reboot

Today we are all looking for a better way to lose weight, so will Drew Allen’s Young Body Reboot be the system for you. I hope my review on Young Body Reboot will help you to make the decision if this system is right and will work for you. The overall goal is for optimal health and we all know it starts with a healthy body weight.

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Young Body Reboot | Overview

First off Young Body Reboot is a very easy to follow step by step program designed to reset your metabolism. There are many of us who do live healthy but still our metabolisms are out of wack. This can be the direct cause as to why what ever you are doing right now isn’t working. What I like about the Young Body Reboot system is that you don’t have to follow a crazy strict diet or bust your butt in the gym. Basically you let the food do the work which rejuvenates the body from the inside out.

th (55)As most must know by now weight loss is 80% food intake you can lose weight without stepping into a gym or on a treadmill. But of course adding some type of exercise will speed up the fat burning while toning certain areas.  The key is not getting sucked into some crazy starvation diet, cause you will always end up failing in the end. With the Young Body Reboot system you will learn the tricks to balance out the hormones that control your weight while resetting your metabolism. To do this you must eat the right amount of food at the correct times. And this is where even the healthy one’s most likely fail too.

young body rebootIn the Young Body Reboot ebook system you will find out about;

  • How to help boost your metabolism with food, herbs, minerals, vitamins and supplements.
  •  A list of so called healthy foods which actually cause weight gain and aging.
  • A list of so called bad foods you have been told to avoid which are actually good for the body.
  • A guide on how to still love your favorite foods and still lose weight.
  • The step by step guide for what and how to eat for a week.
  • Great tips to look and feel younger.
  • Easy to follow tasty recipes that will slow down aging and help you to lose weight.
  • Learn to track your progress keeping you motivated and losing fat.
  • And of course a great but easy to follow home exercise system to burn belly fat which doesn’t require any cardio or gym equipment.

Following the Young Body Reboot tips and techniques not only will you be burn away the unwanted fat but you are also cleansing the body of stored toxins. These toxins lead to premature aging a long with loss of energy even lack of sexual drive. Avoid all these symptoms by giving Young Body Reboot a try feel full of energy, look and feel years younger and best of all get that sexual desire and drive back.

Do You Try Young Body Reboot

Going through the Young Body Reboot system was like a breath of fresh air. This system has so much to offer for the overall well being of your body. Yes of course most of us want or need to lose weight but following the Young Body Reboot system gives you that a whole bunch more. From feeling and looking younger to boosting the sex drive. Just knowing your body is functioning properly, which you will know once you start seeing and feeling the results has to be one of the main reasons to give Young Body Reboot a try. These are long lasting results which will effect you for years to come. I highly recommend giving the Young Body Reboot system a try this is the 100% safe and natural way to lose weight and reset your metabolism. Another metabolism boosting system worth checking out is The Achievable Body this too is a great system. I hope my review on the Young Body Reboot system was helpful and that you will feel the difference.

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The Achievable Body Review | Weight Loss Loopholes

Tired of counting calories or feeling hungry all day long? Worst of all, not seeing any real changes. Finding the right weight loss program that works and keeps the weight away is hard for most. In this review of The Achievable Body I will break down what is in the program, how it differs from others which will hopefully help you to make an informed decision if Achievable Body will work for you. We all live very different lifestyles and the system that works best for me might not fit your daily routine. Male or female the Achievable Body guide claims to work for either, so this might be the program that finally works for you.

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The Achievable Body Guide | Different Take On Weight Loss

The Achievable Body guide is a unique and kind of controversial system going against other diet plans. But it is backed by scientific research. It shows how chronic dieting can actually slow down your metabolism, even age you achievablefaster. With the Achievable Body guide you are able to eat the proteins, carbs, and fats you enjoy. Unlike most crash diets which usually cut out one of these which actually harms your metabolism. And this is what makes the Achievable Body guide controversial.

The Achievable Body guide is the main program which breaks everything down step by step. In this day by day guide you will learn about the loophole to boosting the bodies metabolism and increasing energy levels. A long with a detailed food list to help improve and repair the digestive system. The Achievable Body guide is enhanced with 4 added modules, the 4 Day Flat Belly Detox Solution, the Motivation and Rapid Success Formula, the Hot Zone Formula, and the 21 Unusual Secrets to Speed Up Your Metabolism.

Achievable Body 4 Day Flat Belly Detox Solution – All the stored toxins in the body can cause the body to gain weight or give you that bloated feeling. Learn what to eat to rid the body of all the toxins a healthy digestive system helps to process food easier and faster.

achievable hot zoneAchievable Body Hot Zone Formula – This step by step guide will show you how to burn more calories by activating your bodies 4 hot zones. By burning calories all day and all night this guide is probably what most people will want to follow.

achievable motivationAchievable Body Motivation and Success Formula – With this guide you figure out your weight loss goals and maintain the healthy lifestyle keeping your weight where you want it. This is a great guide cause you are able to tailor the program to suite your goals. Staying healthy and fit is the overall long term goal.

achievable 21Achievable Body 21 Unusual Secrets To Speed Up Your Metabolism –  These 21 secrets will help you get even better results than with just the Achievable Body Guide. You can use these secrets with any other program you may want to try later on. Being able to have these 21 metabolism boosting in you back pocket will help you for years to come.


I like the fact that with the Achievable Body Guide a long with the complementing modules you don’t have to worry about counting calories or spend endless hours exercising. The weight loss isn’t going to happen over night but you will be surprised how quick you might start seeing results.

Overall View On The Achievable Body Guide

This Achievable Body Guide can work for everyone. I like how is guide goes against other weight loss systems. No calorie counting or grueling workouts has to have most people willing to give this a try. And if your thinking about it, it’s cause what ever you are trying now it’s giving you results. With the Achievable Body Guide even following the 4 Day Detox is easier than most, for the fact you can eat the right foods and still detox. Most other detoxes you will have to follow a strict liquid diet which is hard for most to complete. Another program worth checking out is the Half Day Diet, it to is easy to follow giving results. Other than that I highly recommend the Achievable Body Guide for everyone to try specially if you’re tired on not seeing results.

The Achievable Body Guide | Different Take On Weight Loss

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Body Transformation Blueprint Review | Body Transformation Blueprint By Sean Nalewanyj

Looking into purchasing the Body Transformation Blueprint by Sean Nalewanyj but not sure if it’s right for you? Well I hope my review on Sean’s new training system helps you to make a well informed decision. Take in consideration we are all different and not every weight loss or muscle gaining system will be the same for everyone. It does come down to how committed and how closely you follow the system.

sean nWho is Sean Nalewanyj? He is a natural bodybuilder a long with being a very successful personal coach. He’s straight to the point and uses science to back up his training. Recently he has putting most of his time and effort into his line of high quality supplements but is now back to training. The Body Transformation Blueprint is hie newest system for fat loss or muscle building.

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 Body Transformation Blueprint

With the Body Transformation Blueprint you have two choices lose weight or build muscle. I have to say both of these are well covered. Now if you like this program this works really well cause first you can lose the weight then turn to the muscle building phase.

There is a lot of information packed into the Body Transformation Blueprint package, but I do have to say you might find the reading a bit dry. That being said it’s dry cause it’s straight to the point. You aren’t reading this for entertainment rather for knowledge transform your body.

The Body Transformation Blueprint’s main book covers 5 main topics teaching you everything you need to know to set up your perfect plan suited to you goals.

Combine that with these great ebooks and you will be unstoppable. The Body Transformation Blueprint is a full package leaving nothing out.

  1. Body Transformation Blueprint workoutThe No Fail Workout System – Step-by-step training plans for gym or at home workout. With a long list of exercise being able to adapt to everyone’s  situation. Also get many cardio exercise variations keeping you motivated.
  2.  The No Fail Meal Plans – To get the most out of your workouts you have to feed the body correctly. Follow these structured meal plans for maximum results. Choose from 1500 to 5000 calorie plans depending on your goals. Also a large list of substitutions creating you own perfect plan.
  3. The No Fail Supplement Guide – Learn which supplements actually help, no more wasting money on supplements that you don’t need. Everything is broken down into categories to help you make the right decisions.
  4. body transformation blueprint data baseThe Body Transformation Blueprint Video Data Base – Stop putting strain on certain areas when you’re doing an exercise wrong. Login and watch, follow the proper form to gain the maximum effect of each exercise.
  5. The Body Transformation Blueprint Cookbook – Over 50 delicious easy to prepare meal ideas. With step-by-step instructions, nutritional information, and ingredients list. From protein fudge balls, creamy tuna jacket potato, to clean bulking pizza you will find something delicious.
  6. The Body Transformation Blueprint Progress Tracker – This is what I found to be one of the best features. You may be working out hard but might be slightly lacking somewhere. Being able to track your progress is a must to fine tune workouts and meals. It also great for motivation when you see changes happening on paper.

Another really cool feature to the Body Transformation Blueprint is you will gain access to Sean Nalewanyj’s personal email. We are all different and if you have any questions about your training or nutrition Sean is there to help 7 days a week. Consider him your new personal online trainer. He is there to make sure the Body Transformation Blueprint system is going to meet your goals as quick as possible. 14 years of experience goes a long way and chances are he has herd it before.

Overall View On Body Transformation Blueprint

Whether you are looking to lose weight or gain muscle the Body Transformation Blueprint is an excellent choice. The initial read may be a bit dry but like I said it’s to the point full of only the best information. Being able to start off with the weight loss first then move on over to the muscle building program makes the Body Transformation Blueprint an all in one package. Now if Body Transformation Blueprint isn’t for you and your looking to lose weight I recommend checking out Customized Fat Loss For Men. Once you have lost the weight and want to gain muscle check out Adonis Golden Ratio. But like I said Body Transformation Blueprint is a two in one package totally work it value. Also Body Transformation Blueprint works for both men and women.

The Body Transformation Blueprint

Body Transformation Blueprint




Red Smoothie Detox Factor Review | Cleanse The Body

Smoothies what makes them so good for you. I’m not talking about your Startbucks coffee smoothie or the one’s you’ll get out of a machine at the corner store. I’m talking about Red Smoothies or Green Smoothies. One’s made from leafy greens, fruit, vegetables, with some added super foods. Basically a power packed meal in an cup.

red3Here I am going to give you my review on the Red Smoothie Detox Factor and see how it will help you improve your overall health a long with weight loss. Before we go any further I have to say to make your smoothie journey even easier I highly recommend looking at the Nutribullet or a Vitamix. Nothing is easier and when things are easy you will stick to the program getting great results. Let’s see what the Red Smoothie Detox Factor is all about.

>> Red Smoothie Detox Factor | Cleanse The Body <<

What Is Red Smoothie Detox Factor

The Red Smoothie Detox Factor focuses on just that red smoothies. These are red in color due to the ingredients being used. These ingredients, red, blue, and some purple fruits are high in antioxidants which is key in releasing toxins in the body aiding in fat loss. This is a 14 day program but of course continue with the delicious red smoothies this keep the body toxin free. In these smoothies there are 4 major ingredients which are;

  1. Cocoa – this is a health enhancing phytontrient much like polyphenols that are similar to the antioxidants found in red wine. One of today’s medical miracle foods. Great for improving a healthy heart.
  2. Chia – another amazing super food. Contains Omega-3 fatty acids, proteins and calcium. Adding chia seeds to your smoothies creates creamy texture.
  3. Meca – this know cancer fighting plant balances the endocrine system reducing stress. Also used instead of caffeine for a natural energizer with minimal side effects. Adding a delicious nutty flavor.
  4. Vanilla – adding great flavor without spiking your insulin. No spike in insulin no fat storing. Vanilla also makes you alert with a calm feeling.

red2These are the 4 key ingredients to the Red Smoothie Detox Factor. A little bit goes a long way. Not having the caffeine crash and all the great health benefits you get from adding these super foods is a must.

Following the Red Smoothie Detox Factor is only a 2 week program. Sticking with these red smoothies is to cleanse the body of all the stored toxins, heavy metals and free radicals. Another great benefit is boosting your immune system, reducing the the chances of common colds and flues. A long with reducing the chances serious conditions such as cancer, diabetes and heart diseases. And of course drinking these delicious red smoothies are going to crank up your natural fat burning helping you to lose weight getting back to your bodies natural weight.

redAfter the 14 days When you purchase the Red Smoothie Detox Factor you will also get 3 great bonus books:

  • The Wholebody Healthy Shopping Guide
  • The Ultimate Super Food Guide For Super Health
  • 100 Great Tasting Green Smoothie Fat Loss Recipes


Stick to the Red Smoothie Detox Factor to reset the body. After you complete the program start mixing up with the green smoothies. This is what I like about the bonuses they pair so well with this program. With the fresh start you won’t have all the bad cravings or at least are easier to over come.

Pros to the Red Smoothie Detox Factor

  • Red Smoothie Detox Factor very user friendly guide, easy to understand and to follow.
  • Activates your bodies metabolism and digestive system.
  • The Red Smoothie Detox Factor will help you overcome cravings keeping your sugars in balance.
  • There is no artificial sweeteners..
  • It contains right amount of natural sugar, so it tastes great and make you feel greater.

Cons to the Red Smoothies Detox Factor

  • red3Only available in the ebook download form
  • Need to have a blender or my choice a Nutribullet

Over All View On The Red Smoothie Detox Factor

The Red Smoothie Detox Factor is an excellent edition to your healthy living weight loss journey. I really like how it is only 14 days to reset and cleanse the body. Being able to refer back to this system at any time keeping the body toxin free has to be one of the most beneficial aspects. This system is not a chore to follow for the fact that the red smoothies are delicious and very easy to make. Like I have already mentioned I found using the Nutribullet is great, it’s quick and easy with little clean up, but even better choice is the Vitamix, it cleans just as easy with a bigger container.

Once finished the 14 day Red Smoothie Detox Factor it doesn’t end there thanks to the great bonuses. Moving on alternating with Green Smoothies and the Super Food Guide will keep the body in peak form. The goal is to reach optimal health having the body in top shape. Life is so much better being full of energy feeling alert. I highly recommend the Red Smoothie Detox Factor to change the way your body feels. Click Here to check out the official Red Smoothie Detox Factor site.

>> Red Smoothie Detox Factor | Cleanse The Body <<

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