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Amazing Abs Solution Review | Amazing Abs Solution by Yuri Elkaim

New Year’s resolution ….. flat toned tummy. Sound familiar? Maybe this is your year to achieve just that and Amazing Abs Solution by Yuri Elkaim can get you there. With so many different programs out there to choose from you need to find the right one for you. First I will give you a little information about the creator Yuri Elkaim then I will dig into the Amazing Abs Solution program. Hopefully you will have enough information to make an informed decision if this program is right for you. The sooner you find the right program the sooner you will have the wash board of your dreams.

Instant Access to Amazing Abs Solution Here

Amazing Abs Solution | Ultimate Core Strength

Yuri Elkaim a New York Times Best Selling Author is the creator of the Amazing Abs Solution program. Once a Pro Soccer player and the Head Strength & Conditioning Coach at the University of Toronto. His unique fat loss methods have been featured on Dr. Oz. the doctors, Men’s Fitness, Huffington Post, and many other media sources. Yuri believes there is a compound in the human body which is highly over looked, unlock this compound and you will see amazing results. Hence the name Amazing Abs Solution, research has called this compound Metabolic Compound.

This is where Amazing Abs Solution differs from all other flat tummy ab programs. To unlock your Metabolic Compound forget everything you have been told. Metabolic Compounding has nothing to do with your lifestyle, the food you eat or even the amount of sit-up you do.

Amazing Abs Solution goes deeper into core training literally. Yuri claims doing your basic crunches and sit-ups only hits the outer abdominal muscles. But to unleash the Metabolic Compounding you must learn to exercise deeper into your core muscles. And this is the key to toned sexy abs.

Program Overview

Amazing Abs Solution is a 12 week program divided into 3 different phases. Each phase is 4 weeks long, getting you ready for the next to come. There is no skipping ahead just follow a long, this will avoid plateaus while giving you the best results.

Shed the Belly Fat Here …. With Amazing Abs Solution

Phase 1 – Build – This is where it all starts. This is probably the most important phase here you will retrain the deep core muscles. If you have been doing crunches or sit ups you haven’t been activating these deep core muscles. By really concentrating on activating and following Yuri’s specific exercises you are going to be hitting your core deeper than before. This also revs up your metabolism which helps to burn more belly fat through out the day even while you sleep. Phase 1 is setting up for success for the rest of the Amazing Abs Solution program. Yuri even says you will notice your abs tighten and firm with in the first few workouts.

amazing abs sculptPhase 2 – Sculpt – In this phase you will start to see your abs, with greater core strength. Now the intensity is turned up in the workouts. These more advanced exercises will really start to burn your abs through the workouts. You will be targeting the mid section to burn off the rest of the belly fat. Time to start showing of those abs.

Phase 3 – Burn – This is the final phase of the Amazing Abs Solution program. The intensity is stepped up even more but by now your core is ready for it. Your strength is much higher with even more conditioning. The Burn phase starts to target the lower abdominal area. This is probably the hardest area to burn off that last bit of belly fat.

Pros and Cons

There seems to be a lot of pros to the Amazing Abs Solution program. I like how you start from the beginning in retraining your deeper abdominal muscles ( which you never really hit ). The workouts aren’t extremely long making this is a great addition to the end of any other workouts you might already be doing. Once you have built up to the Burn phase you can get away by just doing these workouts.

In my opinion Amazing Abs Solution has you working smarter not harder. The misconception that you must do lots of sit-ups or crunches is put to rest. Most of today’s flat belly programs have a lot of diet involved. Not here, by using Yuri’s Metabolic Compounding you are cranking up your metabolism burning more fat for longer periods of time. Following this system you have to forget the saying abs are created in the kitchen.

Currently, these bonus features include the following:

“An Inhibitor Workout routine”

“A Belly Fat Workout”

“Kettlebell Core Workout”

“7 Day Kitchen and Body Makeover”

The only real down side to the Amazing Abs Solution is the fact it is only a downloadable program. For many that might seem to be a problem, but to me these days this is where everything is headed. When you think about it it is actually better for the reason you can take it with you everywhere. Of course Amazing Abs is not an over night fix, you do have to follow the program to a “T” to get the results.

Final Thoughts on Amazing Abs Solution

Overall Amazing Abs Solution is a great program to give you the sexy flat tummy you have always wanted. Being able to use in conjunction with any other workout programs or alone. The unique exercises are very effective and can be followed by any age or gender. As always this isn’t a magic pill and you must put in the effort for the best results.

All in all, when you into account everything mentioned above, as well as the 60-day money back guarantee, I definitely believe that the Amazing Abs Solution is at least worth a try. All you have to lose is a little extra belly fat. Click on any of the pictures or links to start your transformation with Amazing Abs Solution.

Start Amazing Abs Solution today … Click Here for more information

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Specforce Abs Review | Abs For Men Or Women

Everyone is chasing the goal of achieving six pack abs, will Specforce Abs be any different from other ab programs out there? We all have different reasons for getting a flatter or ripped tummy. Maybe you live by the beach and enjoy getting all the stares as you come out of the water. On the other side of things maybe you have nagging back issues and you know that have a strong core is key to reducing these problems. Either way most of us could would like a flatter, sexier belly and Specforce Abs is a program that could give you just that.

Official Specforce Abs site here

Specforce Abs | 6 Weeks To 6 Pack Abs

First off Specforce Abs has a program dedicated for men and one dedicated for women. I find this to be one of the great features of the Specforce Abs system. The male and female bodies are very different and this special focus will bring you better results, giving you a sexier flatter tummy.

Specforce Abs teaches why traditional ab routines can actually make you thicker but worst of all increase the chances for injury and inflammation. Learn the 3 dangerous ab mistakes you must avoid. In the Specfore Abs program you will learn the 3 Abdominal Fields of Action. By learning everything about your core and how it functions, the better you can target the training. Giving you faster results ….. 3 times faster. The 3 Abdominal Fields are :

  1. ab chartRectus Abdominis – this is the muscle that runs from your rib cage to your pelvis. These muscles are responsible for stabilizing the truck in all movements. This is the secret to this abs training program.
  2. The Obliques – looking for that V-tapered look work the obliques. There are two parts to these muscle the internal and external obliques. Follow the Specforce Abs unique sequence to training the obliques and you will have a sexier flatter tummy 3 times faster than you though was possible.
  3. The Posterior Chain – this is a highly over look area but is key to gaining and unlocking your ab development. These are the muscles in the lower back, butt, hamstrings, and spinal erectors. If you avoid working on these muscles you will not be able to achieve spinal neutral which is critical for maximum ab development in the Specforce Abs program.

Now that you will fully understand the 3 Abdominal Fields of Action you will be able to use the 5- part system to get a stronger, flatter mid section than ever before, in half the time.

specforce absLike I said earlier Specforce Abs has two different sides one dedicated for men and one for women. To me this is a very import part of the program. Seeing a women’s hormone balance is totally different to a man’s. Following the Specforce Abs for women will avoid getting big and bulky for the ladies, this system was created to bring out your sexiest feminine shape ….. flat and toned.

Now on the other side of the Specforce Abs program for men, you will finally get the ripped 6-pack you have been trying so hard to achieve. This system works the core 360 degrees so guys will get that V-shaped look that women can’t help but notice.

specforce a

For me core training is at the top of my list for training. Having a program like Specforce Abs in your arsenal will give you that extra boost. Being specifically created for your midsection you will notice the difference in everything to do from that extra explosion in sports to reaching for something off the shelf.

Specforce Abs Conclusion

I have to say I deal with lower back issues and have to have a strong core to lower the pain. Specforce Abs is an excellent program. It gives you a change from your regular crunches or planks. Specforce Abs is a short 6 week program that will bring your sexy out male or female, old or young your body will feel and look better than ever before. I think it’s a must to have a go to strictly ab routine and Specforce Abs will give you results which keeps you motivated. And we all know motivation is key to sticking with a program. Check out the full Specforce Abs site here and start seeing your abs.

Specforce Abs | Flat Abs For Men And Women

specforce abs

Another program guys might want to check out is the Adonis Golden Ration but this is more of an over all body program which gives great results. Or the ladies can check out My Bikini Belly which to will give you that sexy flat tummy.






Metabolic Explosion Review | Will Dan Faggella’s System Work For You

If you are under the misconception that the only way to boost your metabolism and burn away your unwanted fat, is metabolic ex4to bust your butt with high impact, long grueling cardio workouts. Then it’s time to look into new school training with an old school twist. Metabolic Explosion, burn fat and build lean strong muscle.

Dan Faggella is the fitness professional and martial artist that created this unique new school form of training. What make his system unique is the way he puts the martial arts into Metabolic Explosion creating great results. Burning fat, getting into shape is the goal. Read further and see how Metabolic Explosion helps you to accomplish these goals.

>>Metabolic Explosion | Low Impact Fat Burning<<

Metabolic Explosion How It Works

Yes this is another martial arts inspired system, look how big the UFC has become both the male and female side. And I have to say you never see anyone step into the ring out of shape. But Metabolic Explosion has a very unique take on this form of exercise. The concept behind their system is “Minimal effort, Maximum effect” now this isn’t what it sounds like. This doesn’t mean lazy workouts for great results. This is based on movements achieving maximum effects on your muscles and cardiovascular system with out stressing your joints.

Here is what you will find inside the Metabolic Explosion program. A written hand book and of course videos. The hand book is great with lots of information but of course when learning new exercise movements it is so much more effect to see exactly how the movements are done. Here are the 3 different targeted sessions;

  1. metabolic ex 2Fat Burning – Fat burning is where we all need to start. Learn how to maximize your calorie burning by focusing on the biggest muscle groups. Larger muscles burn more calories. You will also notice none of these exercises are strenuous, putting strain on your joints. Break a sweat and burn maximum calories in 4 to 9 minutes seeing results.
  2. Sculpting – Time to see some definition, building muscle becoming strong and fit, but what I really like is the fact there is no equipment required. You are also able to pick and choose which muscle groups to target creating your own custom workout plan. And yes you will still be burning fat cause muscle use more energy. The more muscle the more energy burned.
  3. Core/Abs – These are low impact exercises  not just sit ups and crunches which can hurt or injure your lower back if done incorrectly. Here is where you also learn how to boost your metabolism slimming the belly area. This is all about building a strong core getting a sexy flat tummy while lowering the chances of injury.

Pros of Metabolic Explosion

  • metabolic ex3Instant access being a downloadable program either PC or Mac.
  • Very affordable for all the information packed inside this system.
  • Low impact, quick exercises giving remarkable results all under 10 minutes.
  • Best part no equipment required.
  • Of course a 60 day money back guarantee.
  • Based on years of Judo and  Martial Artists expertise.

Right now when you purchase Metabolic Explosion you also get two bonuses : Fat Burning Food Guide and Habits To Explode Your Metabolism. These two blend nicely with the main system Metabolic Explosion. I’m not going to go into detail about the bonuses cause they have been specially picked to enhance your results. Giving you a leaner fitter body.

Will Metabolic Explosion Work For You

I really like how Metabolic Explosion uses the unique techniques of the martial arts ( which has been proven for centuries ). The low impact exercises you will learn are great for those young and old male or female. Regardless of your current fitness level or your desired fitness goals this very unique program can chisel your body unlike any other. I recommend giving Metabolic Explosion a try cause all you have to lose is a bunch of fat while gaining firm sexy muscle. Today fit and strong is sexy not skinny and weak. Click here to go to the official Metabolic Explosion site. Another program I found very useful to go a long with this is Unlock Your Hip Flexors. For me I have always had problems in the hip flexor area and this system has give me great relieve, strength and explosiveness. Forget about old school static stretching.

>>Metabolic Explosion | Low Impact Muscle Building<<

metabolic explosion


Suspension Revolution 2.0 Review – Break Plateaus

What Is Suspension Training?

susLooking into a new way of training using your own body weight you have to check out Suspension Training then. Not that this is totally new more just over looked, people just don’t know enough different movements or are stuck in the rut of good old pumping iron. Why can you get abs like you have never seen before and ripped and shredded all over? Cause with suspension training you work every single muscle in your body not just one area like biceps. Doing these exercise you will hit muscles you didn’t even know that were there. Suspension training  isn’t new but the Suspension Revolution 2.0 puts all these different types of exercises in the most effective way to burn fat while getting ripped. Ready to get shredded.

>> Suspension Revolution 2.0 – Get Shredded Burn More Fat <<

Suspension Revolution 2.0 – Full Body Sculpting

th (55)If you are looking to take your training to a new level the Suspension Revolution 2.0 system is what you’ve been missing. Having problems losing that stubborn fat, nothing seems to work. With suspension revolution training you will get good and ripped because of muscle stimulation. Doing these exercises involves using so many different muscles you have probably never felt before. This stimulation shocks your body to burn fat for energy so you are able to recover. This isn’t new training more or less never really explored, I’m sure you have seen these hanging around the gym, just know one knows enough exercises to get the complete workout.

Here is what you will get in the Suspension Revolution 2.o system:

  • 4-week beginner suspension revolution – you may think you’re in great shape but remember you are going to be working muscles never really been worked before. Don’t be insulted by starting at the beginner level but you must wake up those unused muscles which prepares you for the next level. This also starts the fat burning from day one.
  • 4-week intermediate suspension revolution – now that you have primed your never really used muscles here come the first round of new progressive workouts. Muscle gains from brand new stimuli which also avoids all chances of plateauing. And yes of course fat burning.
  • 12-week advanced suspension revolution – here starts the tough suspension exercises and techniques that will crush all fat burning and muscle sculpting, check out the lean ripped body.
  • th (52)Strap after burn finishers – here are some short and extremely effective after burn finishers you can add to any workout. No wasting time with boring cardio or interval training. Add these to the end of any Suspension Revolution workout.
  • Top 10 suspension exercises – these are the secret exercises no one has done, all created to burn off even more fat.

Here are two great choices if you’re just starting out, at the mid price rage the ACF Suspension Trainers. They can be attached almost anywhere to a door frame or out side to a tree. Great quality and a little cheaper than the TRX Suspension Trainer kit. Both can but used pretty much anywhere. A great christmas gift for anyone looking to mix up their workout routines.

 Final Thoughts – Suspension Revolution 2.0

If you have noticed that you have being going to but not really getting getting any more shredded or muscles gains or even burning fat, it’s time to mix it up. Don’t be fooled these aren’t easy but when you start at the beginner level working your way up you will see more muscle gains than even. Stimulating the muscles that normal weight lifting doesn’t touch is the key. With Suspension Revolution 2.0 your core and lower back will be stronger than ever. This is a unique but extremely effective system, I highly recommend giving this a try you will be gland that you did and it’s a great mix up to boring cardio or weight training.

>> Click Here For Suspension Revolution 2.0 – And Get Ripped <<

suspension revolution

Unlock Your Hip Flexors Review – Release Your Power Loosen Tight Hip Flexors

Why Do I Have Tight Hip Flexors

th (35)One of the key reasons many of us today have tight hip flexors is we sit down too much. Weather is from sitting down at the office or driving your car, too much sitting is hampering your health. Another problem is this is a hard muscle to stretch and strengthen. Did you know how much the hip flexor is responsible for …. balance, the ability to twist, sit, stand, bend, reach, and every step you take. You may think you are active and in shape but the majority of people walking around today all have tight hip flexors. Loosen these muscles up and you will sleep better, explode faster and stronger at the gym or sports, while reducing joint and back pain. This is a complicated muscle buried deep within the center of your body learn how to correctly loosen and strengthen with Unlock Your Hip Flexors. Cause everything flows through the hips.

>> Unlock Your Hip Flexors – Release The Power <<

Unlock Your Hip Flexors | Loosen Tight Hip Flexors

tight hip flexorsHere is why more people should check out Unlock Your Hip Flexors. As I said before everything flows through the hip flexors, there are two muscles are the psoas major and minor. These are deep within the body and are the only muscles that hold the upper body and lower body together. When functioning correctly the psoas’ stabilize the hips creating a neutral pelvic alignment. But when they are tight or weak they can cause :

  • Bad posture
  • Digestive problems
  • Lower back or hips and legs joint pain
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Loss of sexual performance
  • And the list continues

th (36)Have you been trying static stretching, trying to loosen up your hip flexors? Most of us have cause that is all we have been told or know what to do. So how do you strengthen and loosen these hard to target muscles? …. By attacking the muscles from a variety of different angles, with right movements and stretches you will loosen up your hip flexors. Learn how to in Unlock Your Hip Flexors. But wait here is the trick these stretches and movements have to be done in the correct order. Get this right and with in days you will start feeling the difference. It’s all about the sequential flow, become more flexible while gaining strength and vitality through the bodies natural healing process. The Unlock Your Hip Flexors ebook is very easy to follow no matter your athletic ability.

Improved Flexibility And Strength With Unlock Your Hip Flexors

While many of us already know we have tight hip flexors and have either given up trying to resolve the problem or are at a loss of how to fix the problem. With the Unlock Your Hip Flexors step by step videos it is easier than ever to finally loosen up your hip flexors for good. Feel re-energized, and more powerful. It’s amazing how much impact on the body tight hip flexors have. You may have a strong core which is also key but with tight hip flexors your are still being held back. I highly recommend this quick and easy program Unlock Your Hip Flexors is implemented into your workouts. And feel the difference right away. I’ve never come across a system that does both strengthen and loosen your hip flexors. As of right now it’s offered at a rediculously low price. Click on one of the links or pictures to check out the full product overview.

Unlock Your Hip Flexors – Feel Your True Power

unlock your hip flexors

Shapeshifter Yoga Review – Loosing Weight With Yoga

Why Should You Do Yoga?

th (90)If you think yoga is only for relaxation and gaining flexibility then it’s time to look a little further into the benefits of yoga. Studies show that yoga can burns 7 calories a minute which works out to 420 calories an hour pretty much what you would burn during a run. Now if you would prefer to have sore knees or hips even lower back keep on jogging. Flexibility, strength, breathing, which relaxes you, and good posture are all benefits from yoga. To top it off yoga is excellent for the heart by slowing the heart rate and lowering your blood pressure. Finally yoga has been proven to reduce cholesterol levels and better immune system function. Now if this isn’t enough great benefits from yoga I guess you really don’t want to give yoga a try. Here is a yoga system Shapeshifter Yoga that can get your body feeling years younger and looking sexier than ever.

Click here for more information on Shapeshifter Yoga 

Shapeshifter Yoga – Get Your Sexiest Body Ever

th (67)With a Master’s degree in Exercise Science and teaching yoga for over 12 years Kris Fondran is no doubt an expert in yoga and fitness today. She has been transforming bodies from out of shape to bikini ready with her ground breaking program. With her new Shapeshifter Yoga program you can tone your tummy and flabby arms, firm your butt, and even slim your thighs, all this without ever having to lift weights or go to the  gym. Studies have shown that 30 minutes of yoga a week can help the body lose up to 5 pounds. Shapeshifter Yoga isn’t just for those who are over weight, but also great for those who are already in shape and would like to keep toned and fit while reducing the impact on the body created from traditional fitness programs. Shapeshifter Yoga is designed specifically for women but all you husbands can join is cause these poses (asanas for the yoga pros) give all the same great benefits.

What You Get In The Shapeshifter Yoga Program

  • th (86)The Manual – Learn how to use this program to it’s full potential also learn what to avoid to get the most out of this program getting the maximum results.
  • Video Library – Watch how to execute the poses correctly. Learn which muscle groups are being activated through the specific poses.
  • Yoga Pose Manual – This is the written explanation of all the different yoga poses, what muscle they work and the benefits each can produce.
  • Video Program – This is the Shapeshifter system based on the poses you watched in the video library. Follow a complete yoga routine or just do it in bits to fit into you daily routine.
  • Follow Along Everyday Training Videos – These are short 10 minute videos for those live a busy lifestyle. Effective 10 minute routines to get you burning fat getting toned.
  • Wall Charts – Don’t fall behind in this program, print these charts and track your progress.
  • Audio Package – Looking for a meditation style of routine, these audio routines go over the poses in the video library, for those quite relaxing days.

Jem_1As you can see Shapeshifter Yoga is a full package if you are committed and stick to the Shapeshifter Yoga program you will fully transform your body. Like everything you have to stay committed but knowing you won’t be sore the next day is an excellent reason to start doing yoga. Here are a few other reasons to start following this program – increased energy levels, improved sleeping, reduce pain, and probably best of all better sex life.

To make your workouts even better invest in some top quality training/compression tights. The Nike Women’s Pro Capri Printed Compression Tights are an excellent choice. Lined gusset and ergonomic seams for enhanced range of motion along with Dri-Fit to pull the sweat away. And of course the capri style showing off those sexy calves. Workout hard, get extra support and look great doing it.

Sexier And Fitter Thanks To Shapeshifter Yoga

If you are tired of trying to lose weight, feeling sore the next day. Finding it hard to continue struggling on your weight loss journey time to give Shapeshifter Yoga a try. From feeling more energized to an improved sex life and creating probably your sexiest body yo have ever had it’s hard to find a reason not to start today. Your results might not be as fast as The Beta Switch program but you are getting more than just weight loss with Shapeshifter Yoga. Click here for more information on Shapeshifter Yoga.

Shapeshifter Yoga – Sexier Fitter You

shapeshifter yoga

Fighter Abs 2.0 Review – The Game Changer

Unfortunately this system is no longer available. I recommend checking out 0-6 Pack Abs if you are looking for a quality Ab changing program.

Why You Want Strong Chiseled Abs

th (19)There are many reasons to have that strong wash board stomach look. As we all know the ladies love the look, bringing on a great amount of confidence. Other than great sex appeal there are many great health related reason for having a trim strong core. Improved posture, makes you look taller a long with confidence boosting. Your stomach actually gets pulled in with a stronger stomach, making you stand up nice and straight. Another good reason for a strong core is back pain. By having less fat around the waist line you will reduce back pain or chances of back pain. These are just a few of the reasons why you need to work your core, giving you strong defined abs. Now to achieve this goal you need the right ab crushing work out program and Fighter Abs 2.0 might be the right program for you.

Fighter Abs 2.0 – The Game Changer

Fighter Abs 2.0 – The Game Changer

2015-08-29_193315Are you starting to wonder why you aren’t seeing the abs results after all your hard work. If this is the case you are probably going about it the traditional way. Sit-ups, crunches, regular planks or even plain old cardio trying to melt away spare tire. Fighter Abs 2.0 has come to the conclusion that getting strong well defined abs is a lot more complicated than once though. This new cutting edge system will work for men and women of all ages. Now if time is a factor this system will defiantly perk your interests. Research has proven short intense work outs provide far more results than long drawn out work outs. So just like the name of this systems Fighter Abs 2.0, fighters only fight for short bursts so why not try training like one. No matter your current fitness level this system is modified to suit while only requiring 15 minutes of new school intense exercises.

Fighter Abs 2.0 Break Down

Fighter Abs 2.0 is a 3 phase system requiring only 15 minutes and no gym equipment.

Phase 1 – The Foundation Phase

  • Getting your metabolism fired up turning into and fat burning machine
  • Engage your core with specific full body exercises, increasing your fat burning hormone production thus trimming your stomach
  • Your T4 and T3 hormones are now activated which control the how well your metabolism burns fat
  • Now your body is capable of burning fat even during your sleep, bye bye stubborn body fat

Phase 2 – The Ab Revealing Phase

  • th (81)Start seeing your abs
  • Learn the secret ab strengthening exercises fighters have kept hidden
  • Finally flatten your stomach and see your abs pop
  • Avoid  plateaus thanks to the progressive movements.

Phase 3 – The Final Perfection Phase

  • 2015-08-29_194746Getting the full six pack look, targeting any stubborn belly fat left
  • Start the most intense fighter conditioning drills, shedding the last bits of belly fat
  • Start the advance ab shredding movement, not only are abs now chiseled you also have great core strength
  • Final phase complete = Abs, Abs, Abs, time to do the laundry on that chiseled washboard

No More Belly Fat – Just Rock Solid Abs

0-6 packFinal thoughts, Fighter Abs 2.0 is a strictly ab crushing system. You won’t have to worry about the foods you are eating as your metabolism will be in overdrive. With a stronger core you are reducing chances of injuries and can even help with existing back pain. Best of all once you have finished the final phase man or woman you will look, straight up sexy boosting confidence. I highly recommend the Fighter Abs 2.0 system. How many out of shape fighters do well. Fighter Abs 2.0 is cheap in price for the reward you will see, start on your new sexy washboard stomach today with Fighter Abs 2.0 you will be glad you did.

Fighter Abs 2.0 – The Game Changer

fighter abs 2.0