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Can technology push your fitness to the next level? Of course it can but you need to know what you want to track, and the Garmin Vivoactive HR Smart Watch is full of features. Whether you are an iphone or android user the Garmin Vivoactive will give you the ability to reach goals, from tracking steps, swimming, riding and much more, we will get into that a little more later. Please keep reading further to see if the Garmin Vivoactive HR Smart Watch is the right fit for you taking training to the next level.

Start tracking your fitness with a Garmin Vivoactive HR Smart Watch

Garmin Vivoactive HR Smart Watch

In my opinion the Garmin Vivoactive HR smart watch is one of the top smart watches out there. With the 24/7 build in heart rate monitoring this smart watch has an eye on you all day long. With Garmin’s Elevate wrist heart technology there is no need to wear a chest strap. Here is a list of the activities you can track with the Garmin Vivoactive HR :

garmin-vivoa  Run (GPS/Outdoor)
– Bike (GPS/Outdoor)
– Pool swim
– Golf
– Walk (GPS/Outdoor)
– Row (GPS/Outdoor)
– SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard)
– Ski/Snowboard
– XC Ski
– Run Indoor
– Bike Indoor
– Walk Indoor
– Row Indoor

If you are still looking for something else just connect to the Connect IQ app store where you will find everything you need. Best part all the apps are free. Looking for a strength or cardio app you will find it. Pretty much if it’s a sport there is an app that has you covered. You can also download different watch face designs and widgets.

You can have the Garmin Vivoactive HR counting your steps all day long and floors climbed as well as monitoring your sleep and calculating intensity minutes. If you just have it run in watch mode the battery can last up to 8 days, but when you turn on the GPS activity tracking only up to 13 hours.

Some of the data you will receive using the heart rate with the Garmin Vivoactive HR is the amount of calories burned and the intensity of your activity you where monitoring. This can for sure take you to the next level in training. Another cool feature is the Garmin Vivoactive HR will connect to Garmin Connet through out the day giving you insights on how to beat yesterday. It will let you know if you aren’t going to hit your goal and also going you props when you reach different milestones. The Garmin will also send out health tips keeping you motivated.

The Garmin Vivoactive HR Smart Watch will of course connect to your smart phone whether it’s an iphone or android. You can receive all your social media alerts, phone calls, texts, and any other alerts from mobile apps. Know your weather and temperature all from your wrist. Another little bonus is you can control the music on your phone and even find your phone if you lose it.


Here is a picture of the Elevate wrist heart rate monitoring system that the Garmin watch uses. Much better than having to wear a chest strap and quite accurate.





If you click on any of the pictures or links you can purchase through Amazon and know what you are getting. offering free shipping. Also the link being used offers and additional white strap a long with the original black one. Just so you can mix it up a little.


Over All View Of The Garmin Vivoactive HR Smart Watch

I really like the Garmin Vivoactive HR smart watch, it has so many features and i like how you get your own personal coach on your wrist. This smart watch is able to track everything and is a complete fitness tracker. The real time heart rate graphs are great and the amount of tracking you can receive from almost any sport is unmatched. If you ask me the Garmin Vivoactive HR gives you the most bang for your buck when you are looking for a complete fitness tracking smart watch. The Vivoactive HR took all of the FitBit Surge features but made them better and more efficient. I would highly recommend owing a Garmin Vivoactive HR Smart Watch and take your training to an all new high.



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