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Lets face it how many women do you know who are completely happy with their bodies? Two of the main trouble areas, that like to hold fat and cellulite are the butt and thighs. Andrea Albright created the program My Bikini Butt specifically designed to hit those areas ….. the butt and thighs. With so many different programs out there, why is My Bikini Butt any different? I hope my review will paint a clearer picture of My Bikini Butt for you, so you to can have the butt you’ve always wanted. Also saving you money if you see this program isn’t for you. Lets see what you will get when you purchase the My Bikini Butt program.

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What Is My Bikini Butt All About

andrea-albrightFirst off who is Andrea Albright? She struggled with her weight in the past until one day she decided that was enough and decided to to something about it. Now she has become a well know weight loss expert, ( the natural way ) motivational speaker while also the creator of which is one of the top ranked health and weight loss websites in the world.

Now to My Bikini Butt and what makes this program different from others in this category. There are three parts to the My Bikini Butt program, first being proper diet, second being specific exercises and third is support. To get the butt, legs and thighs you have always wanted you must eat the right meals before and after you workout. This is like trying to gain muscle anywhere else on the body, think about it the butt and thighs are the biggest muscles on the body. My Bikini Butt has put together an easy to follow delicious (most important part to me ) meal plan which has been backed by science. Following this meal plan you are burning fat and cellulite while feeding the muscles what they need to grow, giving you those sexy firm curves.

Part 2

The second part to My Bikini Butt is the exercises. These exercises claim to trigger “fat-eating enzymes” which Andrea calls Slimzynes. A lot easier to remember than the scientific name adenosine monophosphate protein kinase or AMPK for short. These are the enzymes the body uses to release stored fat cells.  The My Bikini Butt exercises are so effective because you are focusing on the large muscle groups which burn more fat for a longer period of time. With more muscle your body will have great shape that is firm, not all jiggly. But one of the best aspects to the MY Bikini Butt exercises is you only need to put aside 15 minutes a day and your done. So just 90 minutes per week for 12 weeks and you have completed a full cycle of the My Bikini Butt program.


The final part to the My Bikini Butt program is social support this is an excellent way to stay motivated. Any questions can be answered 24/7 through email to Andrea a long with endless answers from the members forum. No better way to get the answers from real people, who have had the same struggles themselves.

The Program

From online videos to e-books there is a tone of information you will get with the My Bikini Butt program here is the full break down of what you will receive with your purchase:

  • btf“My Bikini Butt” Complete Program which consists of videos that teaches you how to eat, move, breathe and exercise.
  • “Smooth Out Cellulite”, a video guide with exercises to get rid of cellulite!
  • “Mini-Vacation: Spa Escape” which teaches you how to make use of spas to lose weight.
  • “100 Fat Melting Recipes” recipe eBook.
  • “Blast the Fat” eBook.
  • “Blast Belly Fat” eBook, audio and video guides.
  • “Healthy Ways to Eat in Your Car!” guide, audio files and videos.
  • cellulite-lower“6 Moves to Slim and Tone Inner Thighs” exercise videos.
  • “How to ‘Cheat’ and Still Lose Fat” guide and video.
  • “How to Eat Clean with a Busy Life” online video guide.
  • “Stop Feeling Lazy and Sore Now” guide and video.
  • “The In-Home Liposuction Look-Alike” eBook guide.
  •  “Reveal the Thin Within” eBook and audio guides.
  • “Smooth Out Cellulite”, a video guide with exercises to get rid of cellulite!
  • The fast track 28-Day Bikini Butt Program
  • Andrea Albright’s Secret Super Tips such as the Brazilian Diet & Brazilian Butt
  • Specialized Meal plans that help you burn fat faster
  • The Success Journal, a daily diary for accountability to keep yourself encouraged
  • Unlimited 24/7 support from Andrea Albright via email and the member’s forum

Is This Right For You

With all the information available in the My Bikini Butt program you are going to succeed. I really like the fact you don’t have to miss out on your favorite foods or what I hate most ….  counting calories. The exercises are simple yet very effective which don’t require any fancy equipment, just 15 minutes of commitment each day. Lets face it muscle gives shape a long with sexy curves. The biggest trouble spots for women are the butt and thighs for the fact the female body is designed to store fat there. By working these big muscle groups you will be burning more fat than you would cardio.

Final Thoughts Of My Bikini Butt

My Bikini Butt isn’t a quick over night fix, you’re going to have to stick to the program but it has been designed so well that every woman can succeed. Still being able to eat your favorite foods and not counting calories is a huge bonus while only having to follow short 15 minute workouts puts all excuses to rest. Yes this is geared towards the butt, legs and thighs, by working these big muscles you are burning more fat and calories which results in losing weight over the entire body. Also achieving a firmer perkier butt with great legs to match.

Andrea’s exercise videos are easy to follow and keep you motivated wanting more. The social support you get with My Bikini Butt gives even more motivation helping you through any road blocks you might have. If you are looking for a healthy safe permanent way to loose weight while sculpting your backside My Bikini Butt will do that for you. I highly recommend giving My Bikini Butt a try, getting those SlimZymes working for you.

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